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nuestro, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈaʊ(ə)r/ /ɑr/ /aʊə/

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    (singular) nuestro
    (singular) nuestra
    (plural) nuestros
    (plural) nuestras
    our son nuestro hijo
    • our daughter nuestra hija
    • our sons nuestros hijos
    • our daughters nuestras hijas
    • our children nuestros hijos
    • We accept that we should have noted these references in our list of words mentioned.
    • It puts him up much higher than he is accustomed to being, and as a bonus it allows him to play with our hair.
    • The only thing that moved was our hair and clothes in the wind, and my falling tears.
    • Even with our visit cut a little short, we still came back with over five hundred photos!
    • The dog had been grown over the last eight years and we brought it from our previous address.
    • It was at this point that we decided to cut our losses and have a meal in York to savour the atmosphere.
    • We have our work cut out, but taking over from anyone who dies in office is never easy.
    • Maybe it was because your fleet was too high and mighty to respond to our previous hails.
    • We all laughed at this one but our laughter was cut short as Margaret made her entrance.
    • We're going to have our work cut out for us, but they are definitely the team to beat.
    • We had deliberately cut our hole at the edge of the pond to make it easier to get in and out.
    • There is no mention of anything like this in our travel advice and it is not common.
    • We get assigned to this inferior work track because we are identifiable by our sex.
    • There was also the bathroom and a small sitting room that used to belong to our mama.
    • Do we men really notice when our partners spend two hours with a hair dryer and brush?
    • It is not like we have got to do it because if we don't our budget is going to be cut.
    • We chose a known donor so that our child could know the identity of his biological father.
    • The cases to which we have referred in our view make quite plain the proper approach.
    • On our side we went down to the Royal Society with a group of people from the lab.
    • At the beginning of each month we have to formally contact him by phone for our salary.