Translation of out in Spanish:


fuera, adv.

Pronunciation /aʊt/

Definition of fuera in Spanish


  • 1

    • 1.1(outside)

      afuera Latin America
      is the cat in or out? ¿el gato está (a)dentro / (a)fuera?
      • is he still in the bathroom? — no, he's out ¿está todavía en el baño? — no, ya ha salido
      • all the books on Dickens are out todos los libros sobre Dickens están prestados
      • the jury is still out el jurado todavía está deliberando
      • the jury's out on which will prove to be the right formula está por ver(se) cuál será la fórmula correcta
      • Then at midnight people just appeared out on the street with bubbly, singing Auld Lang Syne.
      • Fortunately I was able to move the car out, enabling me to get mother and her wheelchair into the car.
      • I stand up, a little bit more carefully than usual, and walk extra-steadily out to the car.
      • We walked right out again and thought back to our nice big, nice empty inn beside the field of the two nights before.
      • Three hundred feet below, a red inflatable boat chugged out from the beach towards a strong swimmer.
      • In the night the wind freshened and at about two we had to crawl out from beneath billows of collapsed canvas.
      • She slowly took that key out from under her dress and placed it on the ground.
      • The castle is built on a headland that protrudes out from the coast, and is almost an island.
      • He did not know how the accused gained entry into the house and immediately ordered him out.
      • When we left our building and headed out into Times Square, it felt like stepping straight into a scene of a film.
      • I often go out for a walk and sometimes I walk home from college, which is quite a long way.
      • We were burgled at a previous house when we popped out for twenty minutes to the grocery store.
      • The crew also gets called out to any incident involving a person reported to be in a river or a canal.
      • He took a deep breath and let it out slowly, trying to relax.
      • I grabbed a piece of toast and let myself out of the house.
      • They led their horses on foot along the single narrow road that led out of the forest.
      • Then, without a word, he stormed out of the room, slamming the door shut as he went.
      • Just one in six women and one in five men now think the woman should stay at home while the man goes out to work.
      • When the lifeboat reached it, the RNLI crew pumped out the water and restarted the engine.
      • The rain had let up and the sun was beginning to peek out from behind the leaden clouds.
      see also out of

    • 1.2(not at home, work)

      she's out; can I take a message? no está ¿quiere dejar un recado?
      • he's out to / at lunch ha salido a comer
      • tell him I'm out dile que no estoy
      • I was out most of the day estuve (a)fuera casi todo el día
      • we haven't had a night out for months hace meses que no salimos de noche
      • they had a day out in York pasaron un día en York
      • to eat out comer fuera
      • to dine out comer fuera
      see also go out

  • 2

    I'm having my stitches out next week la semana que viene me sacan los puntos
    • the plug is out está desenchufado
  • 3

    • 3.1(indicating movement, direction)

      out! ¡fuera!
      • out salida
      • she went over to the window and looked out se acercó a la ventana y miró para afuera
      • she ran out screaming salió corriendo y gritando

    • 3.2(outstretched, projecting)

      the dog had its tongue out el perro tenía la lengua fuera
      • arms out, legs together brazos extendidos, piernas juntas

  • 4

    • 4.1(ejected, dismissed)

      any more foul language and she's out! ¡otra palabrota más y se va / la echo!
      • he couldn't get the tenants out no pudo echar a los inquilinos

    • 4.2(from hospital, jail)

      he's been out for a month now ya hace un mes que salió

    • 4.3(out of office)

      the socialists will be out next time los socialistas van a perder las próximas elecciones
      • Jones out! ¡fuera Jones!

  • 5

    • 5.1(displayed, not put away)

      are the plates out yet? ¿están puestos ya los platos?
      • he left his toys out all over the room dejó los juguetes tirados por la habitación

    • 5.2(in blossom)

      en flor

    • 5.3(shining)

      when the sun's out cuando hay / hace sol
      • the stars are out hay estrellas

  • 6

    • 6.1(revealed, in the open)

      it's out now and she'll have no peace from the media ya se ha descubierto el secreto / el secreto ha salido a la luz y la prensa no la va a dejar en paz
      • once the news was out, she left the country en cuanto se supo la noticia, se fue del país
      • word was out that … corría el rumor de que …

    • 6.2(published, produced)

      a report out today points out that … un informe publicado hoy señala que …
      • there are no newspapers out today hoy no ha salido ningún periódico
      • their new album will be out by April sacarán el nuevo disco para abril
      • the results are due out next week los resultados salen la semana que viene

    • 6.3informal (in existence)

      it's the fastest car out es el coche más rápido que hay (en el mercado)
      • He only found out about the romance a few days before the alleged murder on July 24 this year.
      • Upon returning home I found out that snowball fights can be pretty tiring.
      • He has played a key role in growing the business by looking out for opportunities.
      • We are asking parents to watch out for these toys and shopkeepers to take them off sale.
      • Everyone entering the competition will find out about local services to help them stop smoking.
      • I went back to Barnsley to find out the situation there and then went straight down to Bradford.
      • Wiltshire County Council is running a summer poetry competition to seek out the best local talent.
      • However, much hinges on what figures on lending activity due out this Thursday will show.
      • As a result, Sussex Police last night launched a murder inquiry in an effort to find out how the fire began.
      • The exhibition is part of a glassmaking degree and Mr Devereux should find out his final mark in the next two weeks.
      • So now they will have read this and found out that I was pretending to ignore them.
      • When word got out that me and mom were moving to California, everyone in the church was sad.
      • He risked his life to get the word out about the atrocities that were taking place.
      • It would be great if you could help us get the word out about this matter.
      • They had told them to read the Evening Press to find out what was happening.
      • She telephoned from the family's new home in Devon at the end of the evening to find out how it was going.
      • We felt it was in the public interest to find out, and got on the phone to their press office.
      • So you can imagine my pleasure of finding out about this particular story.
      • As always, the deaths will make the headlines, yet the public will never find out why.
      • If my team-mates or the media had found out, my career would have been finished.

  • 7

    (indicating distance)
    out here in Japan aquí en Japón
    • they worked out in Brunei for a while estuvieron un tiempo trabajando en Brunei
    • we live out Brampton way vivimos en la dirección de Brampton
    • three days out a los tres días de zarpar
    • ten miles out a diez millas de la costa
  • 8

    (clearly, loudly)
    → see also call out,
    cry out,
    speak outetc
    he read out the names of the winners leyó (en voz alta) los nombres de los ganadores
    • he said it out loud lo dijo en voz alta
  • 9

    (in horseracing, athletics)
    it's Kirk's second time out this season es la segunda vez que Kirk corre esta temporada
  • 10

    Radio Telecommunications
    (end of message)
  • 11

    → see also out of


  • 1

    • 1.1(extinguished)

      to be out estar apagado

    • 1.2(unconscious)

      sin conocimiento
      he was out for five minutes estuvo inconsciente durante cinco minutos
      • after five vodkas she was out cold con cinco vodkas, quedó fuera de combate
      • He's been out since I settled him on the couch. He'll be unconscious for a while yet.
      • You were out cold for five minutes.
      • He said he was knocked unconscious and thought he had been out for about two hours.

    • 1.3(not functioning)

      our telephone is out no nos funciona el teléfono

  • 2

    • 2.1(at an end)

      before the day/month/year/summer is out antes de que acabe el día/mes/año/verano
      • school's out han terminado las clases

    • 2.2(out of fashion)

      pasado de moda
      sideburns are out las patillas están pasadas de moda / ya no se llevan
      • Personally, I'm glad cowboy boots are out.
      • Celebrity stylist Luke O'Connor proclaimed ‘big hair and extensions are out’.
      • Yes it's true, straight hair is out and curls are in.
      • When I released those albums punk was in and romance was out.
      see also go out

    • 2.3informal (out of the question)

      smoking in the bedrooms is absolutely out ni hablar de fumar en los dormitorios informal
      • We've already done a movie, so that's out.
      • The pool registers a seriously chilly 38 degrees, so swimming is out.

  • 3

    • 3.1(eliminated)

      to be out quedar out / fuera
      • Chris Taylor was out for a duck in the second over.
      • Gloucestershire were all out for 347 in their first innings.
      • Leiter was out at first, but Ordonez advanced to second while Jay Payton scored.
      see also out of

    • 3.2(unable to play)

      she's out with a broken ankle no puede jugar porque tiene el tobillo roto

    • 3.3(outside limit)

      it was out cayó / fue fuera
      • out! ¡out!
      • Clijsters refused to comment when asked whether Henin-Hardenne might have influenced the umpire by indicating that the ball was out.

  • 4

    they were out in their calculations se equivocaron en los cálculos
    • the estimate was $900 out orout by $900 se equivocaron en 900 dólares en el cálculo
    • you're not far out no andas muy descaminado
    • you're way / a long way / miles out andas muy lejos / muy errado
    • Maureen could be relied on to get the scores totted up in double quick time and was never out in her calculations.
    • How could an organisation with a previously excellent record of financial management be shown to be so far out in its calculations?
    • The NRA's preliminary cost for the project was out by 46 percent.
  • 5informal

    (without, out of)
    → see also out of
    coffee? sorry, I'm completely out ¿café? lo siento, no me queda ni gota informal
  • 6

    (homosexual person) declarado
    • I'm not out to my family, I don't want to lose any ties.
    • I've been out since I was 15.
    • Adam is out at work, and his colleagues know his boyfriend.


  • 1

    → see also out of
    he looked out the window miró (hacia afuera) por la ventana
    • they threw him out the bar lo echaron del bar


  • 1

    • 1.1(in baseball)

      out masculine
      hombre fuera masculine
      • The biggest difference between them is in the number of outs that these two players have generated over the course of their careers.
      • Well, if you strike out a bunch of guys and get the vast majority of the remaining outs via groundballs, you're not likely to allow too many home runs.
      • Simply put, the pitcher who can give up the least percentage of flyball outs is best on track for good overall numbers.
      • In three at-bats he hit into two double plays and one triple play to account for seven outs.
      • The next night, he made two outs in one inning, although he went 2-for - 4 with a home run in the game.

    • 1.2US informal (escape)

      escapatoria feminine
      he's looking for an out está buscando una escapatoria
      • These factors would give him many outs for not building a missile defense system.
      • He was becoming sloppy and careless - I think he was looking for an out.
      • Evans is reportedly looking for an out after spending £8m on the team.

  • 2US outs plural

    • 2.1

      to be on the outs with sb estar enemistado con algn

    • 2.2(those not in power)

      the outs los partidos de la oposición

transitive verb

  • 1

    revelar la homosexualidad de