Translation of outer space in Spanish:

outer space

el espacio sideral, n.


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    el espacio sideral
    • Viewed from outer space, planet Earth provides a pleasing blue and white view.
    • And what they find is a long sequence of prime numbers that comes to earth from outer space as a radio signal.
    • The atmosphere is clearly not outer space, despite the difficulty of defining the boundaries of that area.
    • This prohibited nuclear testing in the atmosphere, in outer space, and underwater.
    • It also served as an experiment on the behaviour of gas in outer space.
    • Huge parts of the ceiling came hurtling at them like meteors from outer space.
    • The lifting power of the water is all that is needed; it's like floating in outer space without gravity.
    • When they traveled to outer space and took pictures of the earth, they saw that it is a dark, hanging sphere.
    • It's a story about revelation and pain in inner space, rather than adventure in outer space.
    • I love to look at outer space with my telescope and look at specimens with my microscope.
    • He's come up with a new way to detect the presence of planets in outer space.
    • Her school projects and papers were all about the stars, planets, and outer space.
    • The ultimate mapping tool enables computer users to zoom in on any location on the planet from outer space.
    • Some are lost to outer space while others enter recurring orbits around the Sun.
    • We also realize that our planet itself is nothing more than an island in outer space.
    • We've got all kinds of sensors and they start with people on the ground, and they go all the way up to outer space.
    • Others are convinced that the Earth is being watched and has already been visited by creatures from outer space.
    • Human rights violations occur within a state, rather than on the high seas or in outer space outside the jurisdiction of any one state.
    • It might as well have come from outer space, then; it might as well be magic.
    • Later they showed that no material is needed for negative refraction in outer space.