Translation of outgoing in Spanish:


sociable, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈaʊtˌɡoʊɪŋ/ /ˈaʊtɡəʊɪŋ/

Definition of sociable in Spanish


  • 1

    (person/personality) sociable
    (person/personality) extrovertido
    • Volunteers should be available for a 3 hour period each week, and should have a friendly outgoing personality and helpful, caring disposition.
    • With her friendly smile and outgoing personality Ann made many friends and was held in high regard by all who had the pleasure of knowing her.
    • He will always be remembered for his outgoing and friendly personality.
    • Dominicans are warm, friendly, outgoing, and gregarious.
    • His friendly, outgoing personality enables him to fit in comfortably with any crowd.
    • He is an extremely outgoing, friendly and social guy.
    • After all, if my outgoing, friendly, extroverted best friend couldn't find anyone to hang out with, what hope was there for me?
    • Others listened because of his friendly outgoing nature and warm compassion he showed toward others.
    • She was warm, friendly, outgoing, very generous and very clever, but more determined than anything else.
    • Neither have any of my friends - we tend to be a confident, outgoing and successful bunch.
    • Australians are very outgoing, friendly people.
    • ‘She is quite a show off and likes playing up to a big audience and is such an outgoing and confident person,’ she said.
    • Are you a confident outgoing person with an interest in drama, or are you a shy person who wishes to gain confidence?
    • A very friendly and outgoing person, she bore her illness with great fortitude.
    • It wants friendly, outgoing people with excellent telephone manners, who enjoy working as part of a team.
    • They're usually just confident, outgoing people with a great sense of fun.
    • She was such a friendly and outgoing person and had time for all her customers.
    • I've met a lot of commercial pilots and most of them were outgoing and friendly thanks to their charm-school personalities.
    • I am a friendly and outgoing person most of the time.
    • Visualize yourself as an outgoing assertive friendly person.
  • 2

    • 2.1(outbound)

      delays are reported on all outgoing flights todos los vuelos están saliendo con retraso
      • all outgoing mail to be ready by 4 o'clock toda la correspondencia debe estar lista para despachar antes de las cuatro
      • for outgoing calls only solo para llamadas al exterior

    • 2.2

      (president/administration) saliente
      • Without further ado, the new coalition is adopting the position of the outgoing right-wing government.
      • The only change on the committee was at Assistant Secretary level where the two outgoing occupants of the position didn't seek re-election.
      • In a statement outside Conservative central office, the outgoing Tory leader said that the name of his successor would be announced in a simple statement tomorrow afternoon.
      • Under the old policy, it was quite common for unseemly Registrars to abuse their position and prevent outgoing customers from transferring to a different service provider.
      • All the outgoing offices and committee were re-elected.
      • And the outgoing governor has said that seeing the single currency into existence and being part of the key team that shapes monetary policy in the EU took up a significant part of his time.
      • The outgoing Governor rang the Australian Broadcasting Corporation last night saying he was shocked at the suggestion he wanted a confidentiality clause over the settlement with the Tasmanian Government.
      • It would be the kind of meeting that takes place between all incoming and outgoing governors, basically a standard transition briefing.
      • Indeed, he is something of an affable version of our outgoing governor - not as bright, not as driven, but equally without agenda and equally without a base.
      • He says he intends the next Government to stay in office for a full five years, like the outgoing Government, regardless of its political make-up.
      • It was the first time since 1969 that an outgoing Government had been led back into office.
      • Over forty members attended, and with the outgoing officers having completed their terms of office, new appointments were made.
      • The outgoing officers were all returned for another year in office.
      • Earlier this year, the outgoing governor of Illinois commuted the sentences of all 167 inmates on the state's death row.
      • We shall respect all international and bilateral agreements signed by the outgoing government and proudly take our position in the international community.
      • The fact that such an offer was made at all indicates that the Kremlin is not dissatisfied with the outgoing governors personally, but with how they fit into a specific political context.
      • The Government has committed over £200m in funding for payments to outgoing sub-postmasters and improvements to remaining offices.
      • It will be an interesting few weeks as the Convention beckons, but the outgoing Chairman will remains favourite to retain his position.
      • The vote to proceed in undue haste looks like an 11th hour bid by the outgoing Councillors to build an edifice to their term of office.
      • The outgoing Chairman who has now commenced his tenth year in office in his acceptance speech again stated that this would be his last year.

    • 2.3

      outgoing dishes comida para llevar