Translation of outpatient in Spanish:


paciente ambulatorio, n.

Pronunciation /ˈaʊtˌpeɪʃənt/ /ˈaʊtpeɪʃ(ə)nt/


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    paciente ambulatorio masculine
    paciente ambulatoria feminine
    paciente externo masculine
    paciente externa feminine
    • The patients attended the outpatient clinic every three or four months as part of routine follow up.
    • The hospital authorities must know the number of staff on each shift and the average number of outpatients attending clinics.
    • It can be performed in an outpatients clinic, allowing patients to return home the same day.
    • All treatment is carried out in an outpatient clinic and you will not have to stay in hospital.
    • Many children receive chemotherapy on an outpatient basis at a clinic or hospital.
    • It showed about 100 patients waiting at the outpatient clinic, most of them elderly.
    • An inpatient survey was held last January but this year outpatients and casualty patients are being including for the first time.
    • There are 30 beds and about 300 patients avail the services of the hospital through the outpatients wing.
    • A charitable hospital provides free treatment to 800 outpatients at any given point of time.
    • There was no difference in success or complication rate between hospitalized patients and outpatients.
    • While most patients can be treated as outpatients, some need hospital care.
    • Of course they will because this is the approximate proportion that attend as outpatients and day cases at any acute general hospital.
    • All women were outpatients attending six general medicine clinics from April to December 1998.
    • These treatments can be performed at an outpatients clinic and do not usually require an anaesthetic.
    • And in my normal outpatients clinic, most people arrive, clutching the hand of a loved one and then sit, chewing lips and fidgeting.
    • On Wednesday, she provided acupuncture treatment for outpatients.
    • In 2001 he restored free basic healthcare, and the number of hospital outpatients almost doubled.
    • He also told the meeting how there was scope to expand facilities at the hospital - both in outpatients and the range of surgery carried out.
    • We enter through what was once the busiest part of the hospital building, the outpatients department.
    • This included an exhausting half hour walk from a nearby parking space to the reception area and thence to the outpatient clinic.