Translation of outrageous in Spanish:


vergonzoso, adj.

Pronunciation /aʊtˈreɪdʒəs/


  • 1

    (behavior/state of affairs) vergonzoso
    (behavior/state of affairs) escandaloso
    (behavior/state of affairs) atroz
    (injustice) indignante
    (injustice) atroz
    (manners/language) injurioso
    (demands/price) escandaloso
    (demands/price) exorbitante
    (demands/price) abusivo
    how dare you! this is outrageous! ¡cómo te atreves! ¡esto es intolerable!
    • it is outrageous that we should be expected to pay es escandaloso que pretendan que paguemos nosotros
    • He was bold, outrageous, witty, shocking and sympathetic without being the least bit soppy or sentimental.
    • It is a target rather than an outrageous boast, but should he achieve it, perhaps then he will be considered by observers to be an unqualified success.
    • It reminds me of being a student when I used to wear mildly outrageous things, rather than the standard business attire I wear nowadays.
    • The majority of people I have served are very safe and go for classic investments rather than outrageous pieces.
    • If something appears too bold or outrageous to the public, it needs its time.
    • He was often known for wearing rather outrageous clothes whenever possible, as well.
    • There is nothing worse in a small space than to be confronted by bold and outrageous colours with every open door.
    • Among these many worlds, the underworld of that age was representative of the outrageous, brash and lawless life.
    • Perhaps its this intolerance for boredom that explains some of the bassist's more outrageous adventures.
    • Maria had been delighted to find someone so outrageous at the college's late - August opening year cocktail party.
    • Yelena still insists that I would have placed better last time if my dress had been more outrageous.
    • You would have never done something so outrageous like this before.
    • And so every night at the bar, I'm bartending in a different, completely outrageous outfit.
    • So people suddenly saw, Hey, I can because a star for doing something completely outrageous.
    • He also became famous for his theatrical stage presence, dressing in outrageous costumes.
    • It was almost like rugby club bonding, where each outdoes the last with ever more outrageous acts.
    • However, anything too outrageous could fall quickly foul of the ‘fashion police’.
    • You tend to be more attracted to the outrageous than one who looks and act like everyone else.
    • We tell slightly more exaggerated anecdotes from our outrageous youths.
    • We have an art-class sock drawer of wildly outrageous socks that yearn to be in show business.
    • This is, as been stated, one of the most outrageous acts I have ever seen.
    • We need the people who are responsible for these stupid and outrageous acts to come to their senses and put a stop to it.
    • It was an outrageous act and what was really upsetting from my point of view is that the referee did not look at it.
    • There had to be a reason why he lost control and watched helplessly as his own body committed such an outrageous act.
    • It's an outrageous act of poor sportsmanship, which of course, makes for great comedy.
    • We would like to voice our disgust, anger and utter disbelief that they had considered such an outrageous act.
    • His grotesque and absurd characters committed gross, outrageous acts.
    • His comments have been termed a disgrace, disgusting, outrageous and so on.
    • It was outrageous, it was horrendous, and it was disgusting.
    • I think that this Congress owes it to the American people to get to the bottom of this outrageous scandal.
    • They are normally only awarded where the conduct can be described as reprehensible, scandalous or outrageous.
    • He had been sentenced to nine life terms for what the judge called ‘an outrageous atrocity’.
    • I find that there has not been any conduct on the part of the plaintiff that is scandalous, reprehensible or outrageous.
    • To use ‘blood sports’ as a tool for this though is outrageous and sickening.
    • The first aspect is laughable, the second scandalous and the third outrageous.
    • I suspect that others will view the decision as more outrageous than I do, but I still find it troubling.
    • What is most outrageous about the administration gets bypassed in media coverage.
    • If you don't find that situation outrageous, you are part of the problem.
    • Most of them expected the principal to suspend or even expel him for his outrageous behaviour.
    • She talked about this, denouncing it, calling it outrageous.
  • 2

    (clothes) extravagante
    (clothes) estrafalario
    (comedy) graciosísimo
    he tries hard to be outrageous se esfuerza por resultar atrevido / por escandalizar