Translation of outsell in Spanish:


venderse más que, v.

Pronunciation /ˌaʊtˈsɛl/ /aʊtˈsɛl/

transitive verb outsold, outsold

  • 1

    (product) venderse más que
    • You know, the Latino influence you can see certainly in terms of salsa outsells ketchup.
    • She uses the example from a few years back when salsa outsold ketchup for the first time.
    • Tomato sauce still dramatically outsells salsa in Australia.
    • In America, salsa - with its peppery kick - outsells milder-mannered ketchup.
    • Its flagship product, ketchup, had steadily been losing ground over the 1990s, with salsa outselling it in the US.
    • By the end of his life, in 1941, there were millions of scouts worldwide, and his quaint little handbook had outsold every other English book of its time.
    • At its launch in the London area it outsold the popular Yorkie bar.
    • Scholastic knew the latest Potter adventure would be big because each successive book had outsold its predecessor rather than trailing off as with most series.
    • The CliffsNotes of The Scarlet Letter outsells the real book more than three to one.
    • While all are high-quality products, the old-fashioned, oversized, wood-fired country loaf still far outsells all of the other products combined.
    • And the new Astra outsold its competitors with just the five-door model available.
    • Unfortunately, a lack of official team licences and a combination of amateurish presentation and arcane menus has meant the game has always been outsold by the glossy Fifa series.
    • A few months ago, Tesco reported that cod was being outsold by salmon because the ‘king of fish’ is 20p per pound cheaper.
    • Last year's final at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium outsold the FA Cup Final that was held in the same venue, which shouts success by any yardstick.
    • It took three years after the Macintosh's introduction in 1984 before it outsold the Apple II, its predecessor.
    • This is one of the reasons that light rapid transit has outsold SkyTrain by over 30 to 1 in the past 25 years.
    • It entered the charts at No.1 and has already outsold his previous album.
    • For that brief moment in pop-culture history when turntables outsold guitars, did record companies ever try to force an image on them?
    • But how does he feel about Coke being outsold in Scotland by the other national drink, Irn-Bru?
    • Indeed, in the two years since publication, only the Bible has outsold it.