Translation of outside in Spanish:


exterior, n.

Pronunciation /aʊtˈsaɪd/ /aʊtˈsʌɪd/

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  • 1

    • 1.1

      (exterior part) exterior masculine
      (surface) parte de fuera feminine
      (surface) parte de afuera feminine mainly Latin America
      the house looks really nice from the outside la casa parece muy bonita vista desde (a)fuera
      • on the outside she appeared very calm aparentemente estaba muy tranquila
      • The inside was just about as nice looking as the outside for a police building.
      • The outsides of buildings are horrible facades of doom and brimstone and that gunky stuff that forms in your eye when you're sleepy.
      • A pair of peak-like chicken croquettes drizzled in yellow giblet gravy have extra-crunchy outsides and smooth white-meat insides.
      • They all sat down and had their own cups of hot cocoa, warming their insides and their outsides.
      • Take a quiz, to find out if the grey matter inside matches the one outside.
      • We saw this flat, and we wanted to match the inside with the outside.
      • The former post office is a listed building, and the outside cannot be touched.
      • As mentioned before there is a symbiosis between the insides and the outsides, between our inner selves and the outside world.
      • He wondered how I cooked them through without charring the outsides to a blackened crust.
      • And what's important is what he feels about me on the inside, not the outside.
      • She hadn't seen the outsides of buildings before.
      • Mark was not surprised to see that the inside of the building was as run-down as the outside.
      • In fact, I was enamored at the fact that since we spend most of our time at airports inside the airport, there should be postcards of the insides of airports, rather than of the outsides, which we often never get to see.
      • If cool turns to cold, your core temperature becomes threatened and your insides start to feel like your outsides - chilly.
      • A lot of lip service is paid to how the contestants are renovating the inside as well as the outside.
      • The outside should be just softening, but the insides still hard.
      • It works fine, and looks okay from the inside, but is nothing much to photograph from the outside.
      • The golden colour which gives it its name is on the inner side of the valves, not the outside.
      • Torches were lit on both the outsides of the buildings, and in the insides.

    • 1.2

      parte más alejada del centro
      he overtook me on the outside me adelantó por la izquierda
      • With this loop you cannot tell which side is the inside and which is the outside.

  • 2the outside

    • 2.1(of group, organization)

      we feel very much on the outside of everything nos sentimos excluidos de todo
      • seen from the outside visto desde fuera

    • 2.2 informal (of prison)

      afuera mainly Latin America
      he's got a friend on the outside tiene un amigo (a)fuera
      • He answered that it was only the outside which appeared different; people were the same everywhere.
      • I'll remember how she was even more beautiful on the inside than the outside.


  • 1

    (sit/remain/stand) fuera
    (sit/remain/stand) afuera mainly Latin America
    wait outside espere (a)fuera
    • He was running towards a little boy outside an open door, down the hall.
    • The crowd was now situated right outside her door, with the Duke's coach not too far away.
    • The outside world usually stays outside or confined neatly in the TV box in the corner.
    • I should have said that all the kids who either went into the sewer or stood outside the sewer were boys.
    • My friend had a car stolen by a gang of boys outside Starbucks.
    • The same boy is standing outside a school waiting to be collected.
    • The weather is good today and I sent the boys outside as soon as breakfast was over.
    • When I stepped back outside, the snow was continuing.
    • When he did he saw her just standing outside waiting for him and William.
    • He nodded and called to Maggie that we were just stepping outside for a moment.
    • I stepped back outside and walked quickly in the direction of the festival.
    • Crossing the dark foyer, I stepped back outside onto the sidewalk.
    • When he saw me waiting outside of the classroom for him, he laughed.
    • I saw all the commotion outside of your house and I didn't know what happened.
    • Soon they got tired of standing outside in the pouring rain and retreated indoors.
    • One day they took a walk outside of the town.
    • Residents living nearby rushed outside after hearing a loud bang.
    • I can barely stand walking outside after dark.
    • I heard a noise outside of the door and walked to it slowly.
    • I don't ever want to step outside of his classroom, so I'll go wherever he goes.
  • 2

    (sit/play/eat) fuera
    (sit/play/eat) afuera mainly Latin America
    what's it like outside? ¿qué tiempo hace (a)fuera?
  • 3

    (indicating movement)
    to run outside salir corriendo
    • if you'd like to step outside si me hace el favor de salir un momento


  • 1

    (of a place)
    fuera de
    outside the boundary fuera de los límites
    • you wear the blouse outside the skirt la blusa se lleva por fuera (de la falda)
    • outside the USA fuera de Estados Unidos
    • it's just outside London está en las afueras de Londres
    • it's five miles outside Oxford está a cinco millas de Oxford
    • he was waiting outside the door estaba esperando en la puerta
    • I'll see you outside the theater te veo en la puerta del teatro
  • 2

    fuera de
    little known outside literary circles poco conocido fuera de los círculos literarios
    • it's outside my price range está fuera de mi presupuesto
    • sex outside marriage relaciones sexuales extramatrimoniales / fuera del matrimonio
    • he has few interests outside his family aparte de su familia / fuera de su familia, tiene pocos intereses
    • it's outside my responsibilities no está dentro de mis responsabilidades
  • 3

    (in time)
    outside office hours fuera del horario de oficina
    • only 2 seconds outside the world record solo a 2 segundos del récord mundial


  • 1

    • 1.1(exterior, outward)

      (appearance/wall/pocket) exterior
      • Neither of its outside surfaces had touched anything but air during its creation.
      • The outside surface is polished nicely to give a classy look to a very practical tool.
      • Is an ear part of the inside or the outside of a body, and how can we distinguish its own inside and outside surfaces?
      • There are outside lights at the front and rear of the house, and a 10 year structural guarantee.
      • The outside light had faded and the crammed interior was a dim jumble of dark shapes under the solitary bulb.
      • At midnight the owner turns off the outside lights so we can see the stars.
      • There had been high expenditure on repairs to the clock and the outside light.
      • The cheapest outside surfacing was pebble-dashing, which was therefore used.
      • All 150 new homes have lockable doors and windows, outside lights, and fencing to secure gardens.
      • They also ripped an outside light from the wall at the front of the home.
      • Some of the outside lights of the Piccadilly gardens are upside down, which means there is no waterproof protection.
      • It is suggested you drive with headlights on and leave your outside lights on tonight.
      • I followed him through the kitchen out a back door where he had the outside lights on.
      • The outside lights came on and the door opened to reveal a bearded man in his late forties.
      • When she got to his house, the outside light was on as was the kitchen light.
      • Also, turn off outside taps from inside the house and drain any external pipes to prevent bursting.

    • 1.2(outdoor)

      (toilet) fuera de la vivienda
      (toilet) exterior
      (swimming pool) descubierto
      (swimming pool) al aire libre

    • 1.3(outer)

      (edge/track) exterior
      • Baxendell is still one of the most talented outside centres in the country.
      • Skipper Andy Baggett moves to outside centre, with Chris Malherbe on the left wing.
      • That last reference was perhaps a hint that Townsend will be given a game at outside centre to recover his confidence and form.
      • He doesn't have the pace to play outside centre, but he does run good rugby league-style angles and has quick feet.
      • Clemons played middle linebacker last year for the Saints, but the Texans will play him at right outside linebacker.
      • The Titans have to figure out who is going to play left outside linebacker.

    • 1.4(external)

      (interference/pressure) externo
      it would be prudent to get an outside opinion sería prudente buscar una opinión independiente
      • the outside world el mundo exterior
      • outside examiner examinador externo
      • At the moment, highways maintenance is carried out by a mix of the council's own teams and outside contractors.
      • But Mr Blyth stressed it was a mistake by the outside contractors who printed the ballot forms.
      • There is abundant evidence that reveals the resistance to outside control that exists within the universities.
      • Admittedly this comes within a context of financial problems and lack of outside support.
      • Bosses blame a steep decline in outside contracts for the cuts.
      • All other staff are employed on a contract basis through outside agencies.
      • It signs contracts with outside laboratories to carry out research in specified areas.
      • They have to survive for up to 39 days with no outside help.
      • An outside observer can only wonder what it takes to get the message across.
      • Since I came from an outside school, I had no idea about the situation of the tutors.
      • One has to factor in the idea that no matter what we offer, resistance to any outside force may result.
      • As I should have learned from my own show, it is easy to blame outside forces when stuff doesn't go your way, but at the end of it all you are in control.
      • When a motion is threatened by an outside enemy, immediate emergency measures are taken to counter it.
      • It would cost twice as much to hire outside people, even when his staff is earning overtime.
      • It raises the possibility of corruption and the absence of outside review and control.

  • 2

    (chance/possibility) remoto