Traducción de outstanding en Español:


extraordinario, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌaʊtˈstændɪŋ/ /aʊtˈstandɪŋ/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(excellent)

      (ability/beauty) extraordinario
      (ability/beauty) excepcional
      (achievement/performer) destacado
      a young composer of outstanding talent un joven compositor de excepcional / singular talento
      • what did you think of it? — outstanding! ¿qué tal te pareció? — ¡excepcional!
      • Nepal is also, of course, a country of outstanding natural beauty.
      • I understood this land was an area of outstanding natural beauty.
      • The Lake District National Park is an area of outstanding natural beauty that is protected for the benefit of the nation as a whole.
      • There is an area of outstanding natural beauty right on the doorstep and it is blocked off because of the dangerous stepping stones.
      • We should reduce air pollution and protect our areas of outstanding natural beauty against visual pollution.
      • It was a marvellous sporting moment following an outstanding performance.
      • Their comment on the play was that it was an outstanding performance.
      • To achieve this he is putting in place a bonus plan for the top 300 executives that will reward outstanding performance.
      • Her outstanding performance last weekend earned her this week's UW athlete of the week.
      • The current graduates had many outstanding performances by women.
      • With manic energy and a knack for voices, Bennett's performance is outstanding.
      • Castletown has again produced an outstanding performance in the competition.
      • The Sloan Prize honors the most outstanding recent basic science contribution to cancer research.
      • The Kettering Prize recognizes the most outstanding recent contribution to the diagnosis or treatment of cancer.
      • He was their truly outstanding player both defensively and in attack.
      • The truly outstanding athlete always fights his way to the top, no matter what the odds.
      • He has been outstanding in central defence so far this season.
      • The award celebrates outstanding achievement made by students to their secondary schools and communities.
      • The statement said the ship's visit to America would be an outstanding success.
      • Comparing today's outstanding performers with those of yesteryear is always a provocative exercise.

    • 1.2(prominent)

      (feature/detail) destacado
      • Lewis-Francis is the most obvious and outstanding product of his time.
      • Even allowing for this, he remains the outstanding figure of early English history.

  • 2

    • 2.1(unpaid)

      (debt/account) pendiente (de pago)
      the amount outstanding is $105 la deuda pendiente es de 105 dólares
      • It had no bank debt outstanding when the deal was signed late last week.
      • In most cases a judge will attempt to help both the borrower and the lender reach an agreement about how the outstanding debt can best be discharged.
      • The only circumstances in which they could call in all outstanding debts would be in the event of their own disbandment.
      • He alleges there is no reason for a liquidator to take control over his outstanding debts because he is capable of paying it.
      • And if you have old debts, pay them up, until you are free of outstanding financial debts.
      • This time, the hospital insisted he pay the bill in advance, together with the outstanding debt.
      • The government said it managed to reclaim about half of the outstanding debts without legal action.
      • If it is discovered that there is an outstanding debt from either of the two companies the sum will be pursued.
      • He went to collect a long outstanding debt before returning to England for good.
      • The bank has a counterclaim against Mrs Frost for the sums still outstanding.
      • I own my home with a small amount outstanding on the mortgage.
      • He was unable to provide a final bill as a number of claims remain outstanding.
      • From November 1996 on, a balance remained outstanding on his account.
      • And when you're reviewing your life insurance, remember to take into account any loans outstanding on your business.
      • A significant amendment to the interest provision is that any interest now calculated may not exceed the capital amount outstanding.
      • She is entitled to be paid the full balance outstanding on her mortgage.
      • Fewer than 20 percent of participants had loans outstanding at the end of that year.
      • The group members plan to take a holiday in the sun, clear off a few outstanding bills and invest whatever is left.
      • By deciding to pay off only the interest, the repayments are much lower but the principal remains outstanding.
      • They saw their only task as being to determine whether or not the amount of the assessment remained outstanding.

    • 2.2(remaining)

      (request/problem) pendiente
      (request/problem) por resolver

    • 2.3EEUU

      outstanding stock / shares acciones en circulación