Translation of oval in Spanish:


óvalo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈoʊvəl/ /ˈəʊv(ə)l/


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    óvalo masculine
    • Cross-sections are in the shape of circles, ovals, squares, rectangles, equilateral triangles or regular polygons.
    • The photographs will be imprinted on the pendants which can be made in four shapes - heart, oval, circle and hexagon.
    • As oil became the dominant medium, so the size of the palette increased, varying from batlike shapes to rectangles and ovals, often varying in thickness from tip to handle to improve the balance.
    • Here, horseshoe shapes, ovals and rectangles are organized into four groups.
    • The shape of a mirror is also important with rectangular, square or oval shapes each having different qualities.
    • The House of Prayer is shaped like a squarish oval.
    • This small extension was shaped in an oval that fit perfectly around the right eye.
    • Late-period circles are generally small rings of varying shapes and sizes although ovals predominate.
    • Keep in mind that frames consisting of a simple square, rectangle, oval or round shapes are classics that can work with everything.
    • I sketched on the board the three geometric shapes (circle, oval and triangle) to be used.
    • We then reviewed how to use ovals for the fish bodies and how to add a tail and fins.
    • Variations on the plain oval include round shapes, boxes painted with decorative motifs, and boxes with handles.
    • By the 1760s they had acquired lids and the oval gave way to square, octagonal, and hexagonal shapes as the century progressed.
    • She found it easily, as the humanities area was designed as a large oval, and she just had to keep walking in a circle to find the room.
    • In addition to square, rectangular, and circular crackers, I managed to find ovals, triangles, hexagons, stars, and even spheres, cubes, and cones.
    • In others, repeated square shapes mutate into stretched diamonds, triangles and irregular ovals.
    • The five basic geometric shapes are the circle, rectangle, square, triangle and the oval.
    • Most kids are drawing perfect ovals while others leave it blank.
    • His deep reflecting eyes blinked back, two perfect ovals set as polished gems trying to communicate.
    • The perfect oval of the face is repeated by the line of the necklace and the bodice and the ruffled form of the sleeve.


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    the Oval Office el despacho oval