Translation of overemphasis in Spanish:


énfasis excesivo, n.

Pronunciation /ˌoʊvərˈɛmfəsəs/ /əʊvərˈɛmfəsɪs/

nounplural overemphases

  • 1

    énfasis excesivo masculine
    • Educators blame the lack of interest or knowledge of civics on several things, including grade inflation, overemphasis of test scores, and failure to teach the relevance of the Constitution.
    • Individual patients may suffer considerably as a result of therapeutic nihilism resulting from overemphasis on risk avoidance.
    • Moreover, the media giants' overemphasis on a few large demographic blocs has neglected many other, smaller audiences, and has contributed immensely to the dumbing down of both news and entertainment.
    • The overemphasis on creature comforts, like cars, clothes, electricity, running water, heating, windows, locks, and anything else are rejected in Tyler's life.
    • Although some effort has been made to broaden the sources of suggestions for appraisals, there continues to be overemphasis on new technologies and relatively little attention paid to old technologies that may be redundant.
    • Their overemphasis on fragmentation, however, offers neither political nor intellectual support in confronting the oppressions with which feminism has historically been concerned.
    • Through its overemphasis on democratic accountability in the name of transparency, the present social system stands in the way of the emergence of such a self-appointed elite.
    • When a technique is overused or too many devices occur at the same time the result is overemphasis; when a technique is underused or too few devices occur the result is underemphasis.
    • The author is critical of Madeleine Albright's overemphasis on the process of peace rather than its substance.
    • I think there is a little bit of overemphasis, if I can say this, on the bloodhound issue.
    • An overemphasis on any one level of care will neglect issues of great importance.
    • Atkinson said overemphasis on the SAT I, the two-part verbal and math test taken by about 2 million high school students nationally each year, is distorting educational priorities.
    • In addition, the speakers discussed barriers to integrating systems, such as overemphasis on acute care, entrepreneurial interests, lack of incentives, and lack of methodology criteria.
    • This proficiency is certainly essential in preventing boundary transgressions and violations in treatment, but it is also important in avoiding diagnostic errors of overemphasis or underemphasis.
    • But for everyone else - preschools, teachers, parents, very young children and the community as a whole - overemphasis of foreign languages and cultures will result in bitter defeat.
    • The problem is overemphasis on tests that do not have a demonstrable relationship to the student's program of study - a problem that is amplified when tests are assumed to measure innate ability.
    • Until this ridiculous overemphasis on sprinting and short course competition is reversed, the United States is going to remain stuck on a long downhill slide in competing with the rest of the world.
    • An overemphasis on market protection and monopolistic tendencies ignores that the people involved recognize the competitive nature of the drug business and act accordingly.
    • Given this overemphasis on doing, perhaps it's not surprising that many of the fallen leaders I studied appeared to have a strikingly impoverished sense of self.
    • Second, the misuse and overemphasis of student evaluation of teaching instruments needs to be addressed.