Translation of overindulgence in Spanish:


consentimiento (excesivo), n.

Pronunciation /ˌoʊvərənˈdəldʒəns/ /ˌəʊv(ə)rɪnˈdʌldʒ(ə)ns/

See Spanish definition of abuso


  • 1

    consentimiento (excesivo) masculine
    • My one fault is the overindulgence of a bleak perspective.
    • About halfway through the film, we all heard the awful sounds of his overindulgence coming back up the pipe.
    • Lets look at some way to sort out this over-indulgence - at least in young people.
    • That sort of insight makes the film's occasional overindulgence forgivable.
    • The truth is, in the context of St Tropez, food is overshadowed by other varieties of over-indulgence.
    • The section on overindulgence captures the well-known observation of drunken robins that have ingested too much overripe (fermenting) fruit.
    • According to Webster's, to spoil is "to impair the disposition or character by overindulgence or excessive praise; pamper excessively: coddle."
    • An examination of the dynamics operating might reveal parents who have thwarted normal growth through pampering and over-indulgence.
    • The disaster occurred at a time of year when we have just wallowed in a shameful orgy of over-indulgence and conspicuous consumption.
    • You can abandon yourself to pleasure but need to keep an eye on over-indulgence.
    • Instead, it turns out that even limited stints of overindulgence may have long-term effects.
    • I dedicated my mornings to working on my laptop and my afternoons to exercise, counterbalancing whatever overindulgence I had planned for after sunset.
    • The Government will publish a new alcohol strategy on Monday aimed at altering Britain's attitude to drink and the growing culture of over-indulgence.
    • The decomposed body of King Midas, lying in state in his coffin, might be viewed as the just reward for his over-indulgence.
    • A great assembly is as soon spoiled by over-indulgence as a little child.
    • Counseling is highly recommended as a way to focus on the underlying problems rather than simply treating the symptoms of overindulgence.
    • A poem on the subject warns that obsessive over-indulgence is one of the deadliest of sins.
    • Overindulgence has brought down everybody from Napoleon to Carnie Wilson.
    • Passing remarks in Flashes also highlighted what might be seen as another aspect of the dangers of over-indulgence in sport.
    • And the greed and overindulgence were on both sides, a fact that must never be overlooked.
  • 2

    (having too much)
    abuso masculine
    overindulgence in sth abuso de algo
    • The measure was created to curb overindulgence by young drinkers.
    • PC Kevin Hemsworth said police believed an over-indulgence of alcohol was probably to blame.
    • The biggest problem with overindulgence in chocolate is weight gain.
    • I personally know that my body doesn't like overindulgence too much.
    • Yes, limit consumption as much as possible, perhaps using drink tokens to help control over-indulgence.
    • I have a fair number of broken capillaries due both to long unprotected exposure to tropical sun and years of overindulgence in the drink.
    • We got lots of new bits for the kitchen and my overindulgence hasn't been too great which is somewhat surprising.
    • Others might claim to be intolerant to red wine, when in fact their body might just be recovering from past over-indulgence.
    • It doesn't work if your pot belly is the result of over-indulgence.
    • All the other nights I fell over was down to pure and shameless over-indulgence.
    • Creating a list and sticking to it will also help to prevent overindulgence.
    • Driving an SUV when it really is not necessary is an example of overindulgence in the United States.
    • In fact, there was so much of it I rode the train home feeling thoroughly sick from overindulgence.
    • It's the time of year when people collect toys, ignore budgets and set new standards for overindulgence.
    • But this late-night host puts the breaks on overindulgence by employing a serious drug-free advocacy approach.
    • His death was hastened by overindulgence in alcohol.
    • We were on a fuzzy cloud of overexcitement and over-indulgence.
    • Christmas is a time of over-indulgence, so I like to serve light, refreshing, fruity wines.
    • As with any other vice (drinking, drugs, nail-biting) over-indulgence has its consequences.
    • Ordinary people, too, began increasingly to suffer from the effects of overindulgence, and there was concern about the rate of heart disease.