Translation of overjoyed in Spanish:


encantado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌoʊvərˈdʒɔɪd/ /əʊvəˈdʒɔɪd/

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    rebosante de alegría
    to be overjoyed at/about sth
    • Sue was overjoyed to hear that the operation had been a success.
    • Johnson was also overjoyed with the success as his charge tackled three miles for the first time.
    • An overjoyed Kelly hopped all over the stage, and her victory dance was her best performance of the night.
    • Both students and teachers were overjoyed when DMS clocks were declared the winners.
    • This is Bucky's first trip to Ireland and he was overjoyed to have the opportunity to enjoy such a festival.
    • We spoke about continuing the relationship as we had both missed each other, and I was overjoyed.
    • What's more, I'm absolutely overjoyed by the knowledge that I own but two of their numerous albums.
    • If the situation regarding accountability can be established, most of the electorate would be overjoyed.
    • Susan, 31, is overjoyed to have her husband safely back from the front line.
    • Bangladesh players as well as their fans in Bangladesh are simply overjoyed.
    • When I returned the video back to the video store the next day, the woman was absolutely overjoyed.
    • Asked how he was feeling now that he was cleared of these charges, he said he was overjoyed about the decision.
    • United fans were overjoyed today that the most successful manager in the club's history was about to sign on for more glory.
    • We were greatly relieved and overjoyed when our flight landed in Shanghai and we got into a Shanghai cab.
    • They cry whenever their children excel themselves, and are overjoyed when their friends are successful.
    • All of the staff in the unit were overjoyed to see that someone had come to help.
    • I was perhaps not as overjoyed as I should have been when he told me that the woman quoted the price in dollars.
    • Jacob was overjoyed, gleefully running to the outer field with his teammates in hot pursuit.
    • Obedient but hardly overjoyed, he travelled to Pakistan with his father in October 2001.
    • Parents are so overjoyed with their children that they never say no to them.