Translation of oversimplify in Spanish:


simplificar excesivamente, v.

Pronunciation /ˌoʊvərˈsɪmpləˌfaɪ/ /əʊvəˈsɪmplɪfʌɪ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    simplificar excesivamente
    • But arguing about theories of isolationism versus interventionism is to me a bit too reminiscent of Leftist devotion to oversimplified theories.
    • This desire for social engineering shows that the Treasury has a caricatured and oversimplified idea of the world outside, as one would expect from people widely insulated from real life.
    • We oversimplified his argument in last week's report and incorrectly suggested he wanted the funding for the recreation centre, and apologise.
    • It's not a be-all-and-end-all kind of idea, but it's an idea that stops and makes you think in what is often a grossly oversimplified area of debate.
    • Once again, you have drastically oversimplified my previous statements.
    • I think this statement is so oversimplified as to be dangerously misleading.
    • I have always had problems with these oversimplified concepts, usually driven by certain buzz words.
    • In reality, however, this view of infectious disease is oversimplified.
    • I've oversimplified things above to make the trial a little easier to understand.
    • Lack of professional skills often leads to underemployment of advanced military technology and oversimplified use of sophisticated weapons.
    • You may think that this example is oversimplified.
    • Best of all, it is not oversimplified or thesis-driven.
    • This formulation of the problem is naturally oversimplified, but it allows for general observations.
    • Other readers have also suggested that I oversimplified the distinction between theory and fact.
    • But that argument, in my view, oversimplifies the matter.
    • Second, cultural relativist arguments may oversimplify the complexity and fluidity of culture by treating culture as monolithic and moral norms within a particular culture as readily ascertainable.
    • Even if people get the general impression right, they will often oversimplify the details.
    • If you do not really look at something, it is easy to oversimplify it.
    • And it is all too easy in such gatherings to oversimplify issues, to applaud our own outlook, and to dismiss the opinions of others, sometimes with more than a trace of sarcasm.
    • That's oversimplifying things in order to make good sound bites.

intransitive verb

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    simplificar excesivamente