Translation of overstimulate in Spanish:


sobreestimular, v.

Pronunciation /ˌoʊvərˈstɪmjəleɪt/ /əʊvəˈstɪmjʊleɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (nerves/person/imagination) sobreestimular
    • It can also produce a rare condition called ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, in which the ovary is overstimulated and produces an excess of the hormone oestrogen.
    • Do not overstimulate your baby with too much activity at bedtime because he will not want to stop the fun and go to sleep.
    • Madison is much like me in that she is easily overstimulated.
    • Not only are we externally overstimulated, but our organs are overstimulated by eating too much.
    • During puberty, levels of progesterone and, possibly, estrogen overstimulate blood circulation to the gums, making them sore and swollen.
    • Today, however, our imaginations are stimulated, possibly overstimulated, by dystopic images and scenarios.
    • With inflation exceptionally low and recovery still not assured, the risk of overstimulating the economy is minimal.
    • Of course you run the risk of overstimulating your children by telling bedtime stories.
    • In this era of communication, when information input channels are notoriously overloaded and people are overstimulated, the possibility of a new communication channel has created a sensation.
    • Dog's can't calmly explain that they're in a bad mood or don't feel well or are overstimulated and need some peace.
    • Sometimes he prefers being in a carrier rather than just held in my arms, especially when he is overstimulated and tired.
    • You're overstimulated and working up some emotional agitation, just when you could be starting something excellent.
    • The most adventurous imaginations were overstimulated by what they saw.
    • Many people only use heat, but over a long time it can overstimulate muscles.
    • For mothers who tend to overstimulate their infants, slowing techniques are taught - one method is to ask the mother to imitate everything the infant does.
    • Well, I think, Larry, you know, at this point in the economic cycle, you can't overstimulate the economy.
    • Although designed to lethally overstimulate a bug's nerves, these chemicals can attack the human nervous system as well.
    • That misleading signal might cue the body to slow metabolism, increase fat deposition, and overstimulate appetite.
    • Fluorescent lights and bright colors overstimulate their brains.
    • If you overstimulate your senses, your brain thinks it is helping you out by resetting normal at that higher level.
  • 2

    (interest) despertar excesivamente