Translation of oxygen in Spanish:


oxígeno, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɑksədʒən/ /ˈɒksɪdʒ(ə)n/


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    oxígeno masculine
    oxygen bottle tanque de oxígeno
    • Energy is generated by the reaction of hydrogen and oxygen across a catalytic membrane.
    • Solar panels power an electrolyser that separates water into hydrogen and oxygen.
    • In addition, the very reactive singlet oxygen can be generated by an input of energy.
    • Copper reacts with oxygen and carbon dioxide to form a greenish patina of copper carbonate.
    • On the one hand, there is the body's need for oxygen and its supply from the lungs.
    • The heart muscle is supplied with oxygen by blood arriving in the coronary arteries.
    • In other words, it is possible to die from a lack of oxygen, because of ozone poisoning.
    • It results from a temporary reduction in blood and oxygen supply to part of the brain.
    • It is important to minimize the new wine's exposure to oxygen, whatever its colour.
    • To avoid the production of oxygen via photosynthesis, plants were kept in the dark.
    • This maintained the same concentration of oxygen in the gas flow at the point of analysis.
    • There seems to be less oxygen in town air on a very hot day, even in a quiet corner like Bath Place.
    • There may also be a greatly reduced oxygen content in the air at the bottom of deep wells.
    • Iron is needed to produce more blood to supply the baby with the necessary nutrients and oxygen.
    • Therefore in light plants gave out oxygen, but in the dark they emitted carbon dioxide.
    • This oxygen may also support nitrifying bacteria that convert ammonia to nitrate.
    • The chemicals in tobacco reduce the flow of oxygen around the mother's blood stream.
    • He also had difficulty breathing and had to be given oxygen on arrival at hospital.
    • The air in this chamber is very low in oxygen, so divers are advised not to remove their regulators.
    • Despite the addition of oxygen and the issue of potash cartridges, the air is foul.