Translation of paint in Spanish:


pintura, n.

Pronunciation /peɪnt/

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    pintura feminine
    wet paint pintura fresca
    • paint remover quitapintura
    • Carpenters were now putting a fresh coating of paint on the house, making it look almost as though it had just been built.
    • Watered-down paint soaks into the porous concrete so it won't flake or peel like surface paint does.
    • We did test some acrylic paint on tiles and it was just totally unsatisfactory so we chose what, I guess, was the appropriate paint for the surface.
    • A zinc rich paint coating protects the interior of the pipe.
    • He is fond of thin paint and frequently layers a dark blue or black wash over phosphorescent pastel hues.
    • Finally, rub down the wood to remove the splinters, give it a thin wash of acrylic paint and brush on the clear preservative.
    • It was later given two coats of paint in appropriate colours.
    • That is why I deliberately allow early coatings of paint to show through as I continually build color.
    • No artificial paint or any colouring agent is coated on the surface.
    • For the third coat, which you will sponge onto the wall, you can pick either a colour glaze paint or a ready-made colour wash.
    • The top ones were drawn on cartridge paper and then painted in watercolour using sepia colour paint, and the bottom ones were painted straight onto watercolour paper using light red.
    • A demonstration is given on how to paint using black watercolor or slightly thinned tempera paint.
    • In general, graffiti is removed by using paint in a colour which has the closest match to the actual colour of the tree trunk.
    • Yet even when, as here, he captures the light with such sensitivity, Cameron does not use paint for its vivid colour, but as a means of expressing tonal change.
    • A car comes rattling down the street, thick smoke pouring out the back, every door a different colour of blistered paint.
    • Look at the picture at top; imagine it on an enormous canvas, in thick paint, colours saturated and glowing.
    • The door was metal with no handle, and painted with white paint now flaking off.
    • The only function of plaster on walls and ceilings, unless it is itself elaborately decorative, is to serve as a smooth surface on which to place decorative paper or paint.
    • In order to cut down on the cost of paint, consider mixing sample pots of colours with white paint.
    • Mix up pots of poster paint, and give your children a pot of paint in each colour, a couple of brushes and a glass of water.

transitive verb

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    (portrait/landscape) pintar
    these flowers were painted in by a later hand estas flores se agregaron posteriormente
    • ‘In these pictures I have painted people who go to Bridge House and being a part of my pictures gives them confidence in their own abilities’.
    • My best holiday was with Leo, the artist who'd painted me, and his wife Gemma one summer.
    • In 1995, he commissioned a Chinese artist to paint him together with his wife, son and daughter.
    • When the Irish portraitist, Nathaniel Hone painted her in 1765, she was at the height of her popularity.
    • The artist returned to the Arlé sienne in 1958, painting her in the person of Jacqueline, his companion at the time.
    • Saskia Van Uylenburgh was the daughter of an impoverished though respected burgomaster and Rembrandt drew and painted her over and over again.
    • Jan's sense of self-confidence is what makes artists want to paint her, she said.
    • So, instead of painting the desert or the mountains, I painted hotels covered with lots of lush greenery, using a lovely shade of green called veridian.
    • Dietz began painting World War I aviation scenes, but his body of World War II art has made him famous.
    • She started with representational works, painting some of the lovely scenes that can be seen from the island, and the colours and styles that abound there.
    • Bailey Doogan paints clouds the way she paints skin.
    • He admired the truthfulness of landscapes painted by an unschooled artist, who became his first teacher.
    • The Impressionists insisted they wanted to paint directly what they saw in nature.
    • On several occasions, Monet painted the same view covered in a blanket of snow.
    • Icons were painted by faithful painters - usually monks - in monastic seclusion.
    • Showing their jest for life, some children painted Walt Disney characters on their greetings.
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    (apply paint to)
    (wall/door/house) pintar
    I painted the kitchen pink pinté la cocina de rosa
    • the door's freshly painted la puerta está recién pintada
    • I'll draw the outline and you paint it in yo dibujo el contorno y tú lo coloreas / pintas
    • to paint sth out pintar encima de algo
    • to paint over sth pintar encima de algo
    • to paint iodine on a wound aplicar yodo a una herida
    • to paint a wound with iodine aplicar yodo a una herida
    • The walls were painted a dark blue with gold lining on the ceiling and floor.
    • The roof was made from sand paper cut and painted to resemble slates.
    • It was noted that the railings of the Clodiagh Bridge had been freshly painted and that the river name signs looked well.
    • Far down the line of brightly painted longboats I saw a fisherman who owned just one net, which he had draped on a tepee of bamboo stalks to dry in the sun.
    • Jared was spray painting one of the walls that was surprisingly still bare.
    • The popular effect of splashbacks is achieved when one side of a glass panel is painted then adhered to surfaces either behind cooktops, or as a feature panel in a bathroom.
    • Rockets of early manufacture are painted battleship gray or dark green; later rockets are olive drab.
    • Back down toward the river, in contrast to the splendor of much of the Castle complex, Golden Lane is formed by numerous brightly painted shoe-box sized peasant houses.
    • The keys themselves are formed from translucent plastic and then painted to match the PowerBook's aluminium shell.
    • With freshly painted nails and jewelry to match, she carries an additional accessory item that speaks for itself.
    • The new refrigerator and dishwasher were disguised with wood fronts painted to match the cabinets.
    • Here the walls have been plastered in a textured way and the room is painted dark red.
    • Think of a plaster ceiling, painted a sky blue, perhaps with puffy clouds skipping across it.
    • The brightly painted yellow walls, together with tea lights atop dark wooden tables, give the place a warm feeling.
    • Two panels of the shelving are painted a dark brick red to give accent, and three others are in beech plywood for the same reason.
    • Today hundreds of brightly painted gondolas line the canalside and can be hired out by the hour or half-hour.
    • The brightly painted front door from an age gone by gleams in the morning Sun.
    • Similarly, painting the ceiling a darker color than the walls tends to create a more intimate feeling.
    • Young's Airframe Repair did the skins and when a new set was completed, Mike would prime and paint the skins so that they would be ready for installation.
    • These parts are being anodized or plated, and will be painted or powder-coated prior to assembly.
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    • Though the mystical element is rather missing from his character here, Adès paints Prospero as a wonderfully vengeful mage.
    • The author paints a clear and useful description of the science of color.
    • The remake of Casino Royale, the first Bond novel, will concentrate instead on the character of the spy, painted by Ian Fleming in the book as a suave, coldly aggressive seducer.
    • Hate speech always uses the racial and cultural characteristics of the victim, who is painted as an abominable, dangerous creature.
    • The carbon copies left at stations of origin paint a comprehensive picture of small-scale trade along the railway.
    • And indeed, Elisabetta's plight in Don Carlo is painted with a broad brush.
    • Boston is a city that often gets painted by outsiders with a broad brush, much the way Philly does.
    • Thousands of soft-bodied animal fossils paint us a picture of Cambrian marine life.
    • In Bowling Alone, Putnam painted us the picture of American social institutions 30 years in decline.
    • You might argue that these young writers are painting us a damning portrait of ourselves.
    • Storey paints a picture short on romance and rainbows and high on mud, sweat, and naked ambition - in short, he describes perfectly the world of professional rugby.
    • Without identifying them, paint me some pictures of some of the issues which have come up for you in terms of who ends up with primary care for the child.
    • The allegations of a partnership, vulnerable as they are for these reasons, are, moreover, only part of the picture painted by the proceedings.
    • This picture is very similar to the picture of urban ghettos painted by urban sociologists during the last decade.
    • The space concerns and planting conditions are probably less than ideal for most, but the pictures paint a different story.
    • Bettman wants certain high-profile owners to be vocal about small markets and paint a doom-and-gloom financial picture.
    • Some prisoners refused to be identified, but all painted a similar picture of their treatment.
    • The picture that Garrow paints seems a fair one to me, given accounts from some other Supreme Court clerks.
    • Extensive use of maps and photographs helped paint a vivid picture of human misery and squalor.
    • In the Seattle Times, meanwhile, sportswriter Percy Allen paints a different money picture.
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    (make up)
    to paint one's face pintarse
    • to paint one's lips/nails pintarse los labios/las uñas

intransitive verb

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    to paint in oils/watercolors pintar al óleo/a la acuarela