Translation of palisade in Spanish:


empalizada, n.

Pronunciation /ˌpæləˈseɪd/ /ˌpalɪˈseɪd/

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    empalizada feminine
    palizada feminine
    • Houses may be round, square, or beehive-shaped; in some areas, clusters of huts are enclosed in wooden palisades.
    • Some were working outside a thick palisade of wooden palings which ran circling outside the buildings.
    • Alison Roberts, 20, from Exeter University, works on the palisade of the Iron Age settlement at Sutton Common, near Doncaster.
    • The artist, one of Israel's two representatives at the 1999 Venice Biennale, assembled old toys and other attic memorabilia within a wooden palisade inscribed with Yiddish phrases.
    • The town was ablaze, the wooden palisade was a now raging ring of inferno.
    • Some had awoken already - mainly shopkeepers - and mustered gaily on the streets, some in the outer courtyard where the wooden palisades separated her father's estate from the serf lands.
    • He looked around the village, which consisted of half a dozen mud huts and a wooden palisade with a ditch surrounding it.
    • Although the British had an advantage in arms, Maori had an advantage in tactics, and their pa of earth and wooden palisades absorbed artillery shells.
    • The hill where they were feigning to build their wooden palisade commanded a great view of the surrounding countryside.
    • This is notably different from the one at La Joyanca, which was only about half a metre high and served as a base for a wooden palisade.
    • Already in this phase the village was surrounded by two wooden palisades defending the upper and lower slopes.
    • The house was surrounded by yards and defended by a wooden palisade around the edge of the hill.
    • There were signs of an assault in the damaged wooden palisade, but the abbey itself appeared unharmed.
    • Huts, fences and palisades are often fashioned from saplings and shoots, and basketry is thus commingled with comforting notions of home, security and comfort.
    • Enclosed by an unbroken palisade of building, this space seemed the perfect Eden.
    • The most complex center discovered so far, beneath the city of Dresden in Saxony, eastern Germany, comprises a temple surrounded by four ditches, three earthen banks and two palisades.
    • The daimyo and their warriors also built numerous stockades, palisades, and barricades of wood.
    • Building banks or palisades of bamboo is one defence, but each year the work has to be repeated.
    • There was a timber palisade around the top, which would have contained great stone buildings to hold the garrison.
    • Early French St. Louis was a compact settlement, and lots were enclosed with palisades.
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    (usually plural) acantilado masculine
    • Most books mark the route's end where Santa Monica Boulevard intersects Ocean Avenue, on the palisades above Santa Monica State Beach.
    • It is a rousing thing to find yourself crossing the George Washington Bridge, the skyline of Manhattan falling away as the green palisades of New Jersey surge forward.
    • On top of this Palisade cliff where Palm trees sway with the ocean breeze, you will find a charming park, a mile long, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
    • The Palisade was once home to a forest fire lookout station, as it afforded a clear view of much of the Athabasca River Valley.