Translation of palmistry in Spanish:


quiromancia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpɑ(l)məstri/ /ˈpɑːmɪstri/

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    quiromancia feminine
    • During the reading my psychic used such ancient arts as numerology, astrology, palmistry, tarot cards and rune stones and even found hidden meaning in the color of my tie.
    • In palmistry, the reading of character and the divination of an individual's future are derived from the lines, marks, and patterns on the palms of the hands.
    • I thought that people believed in palmistry and other divination procedures because they could easily fit very general statements to their particular situation.
    • To me, that means clinical psychology, not astrology, incantations, witchcraft, or palmistry.
    • Read your hand lines and find your fate. palm reading made online and based on your scanned palm images in palmistry.
    • The contrast between the latest textbooks on information technology on the one hand, and the guides to astrology palmistry and numerology on the other, is startling.
    • Newtown is the place to be this month if you have an interest in palmistry, astrology, numerology, Egyptian sand reading or other forms of divination.
    • I have a little more knowledge about the Tarot, Runes and palmistry.
    • Many of these professionals may not even realize what they are doing and attribute their high rate of client satisfaction to the truth of astrology or palmistry or to their own psychic powers.
    • Apparently, people use various forms of divination such as astrology, palmistry, omens and tarot cards as a ‘mirror that speaks truth’.
    • She regularly flies to the USA to see clients and give talks on astrology, palmistry, tarot and how to develop clairvoyance.
    • She represented herself as a seer and used fortune-telling techniques such as palmistry.
    • I do not believe in tarot cards, nor the I Ching, nor astrology, nor palmistry, nor ghosts.
    • During the middle ages, the church became notorious for the punishment meted out to persons dealing with persons practising the occult sciences which included palmistry, astrology, and astronomy.
    • The desire for knowledge of the future seems to be at the root of palmistry and other forms of divining secret knowledge through paranormal revelations.
    • The pages feature various kinds of predictions based on star signs, planetary influences, horoscope, numerology and palmistry.
    • Master palmistry by deciphering the complex maze of lines on your hand.
    • Using palmistry this time, she pointed out four lines below my little finger.
    • Zhu said he uses traditional Chinese methods to tell the future according to palmistry, birthday and location.
    • In palmistry, the major lines in the hand which are shown at birth do not differ to any marked degree.