Translation of pantheon in Spanish:


panteón, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpænθiˌɑn/ /ˈpænθiən/ /ˈpanθɪən/


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    panteón masculine
    • This makes Hinduism unique in the sense that it is a monotheistic religion with a pantheon of manifested forms of God.
    • It is directed to a pantheon of deities, gods and goddesses, each of whom are housed in their own shrine.
    • Even though there was a risk that some detractors might use this verse as proof that there are a pantheon of gods rather than one, God deemed this principle so important that it's worth the risk.
    • Heading south to Maui, a different kind of legend reigns: that of the demigod Maui, the only god in the Hawaiian pantheon for whom an island is named.
    • In the Hindu pantheon, everything is looked upon as a form of God.
    • Doesn't the Torah describe man as being the very last creature to appear in God's pantheon?
    • Doing some patron saint research, I stumbled on this page here, which starts as an examination of Eleggua / Exu figures through some of the world's pantheons, but also links over to the other Orisha.
    • Since I work with many spirits and pantheons shamanically I don't feel that it's possible to commit to the afro-caribbean deities and spirits in the way that they would demand.
    • The merging of local deities into a larger national deity and the incorporation of foreign deities into a specific pantheon were not limited to Egypt.
    • The Hermetic tradition, for example, frequently mixes and matches deities from different pantheons, but it does so with a deep understanding of what it's affecting and why.
    • Mann clearly realized that the Dravidian gods and goddesses in fact subverted the Hindu pantheon and changed the substance of the Aryan religion through their very presence in it.
    • Playing musical instruments is an integral part of any temple festival as musical instruments are attached to several deities in the Hindu pantheon.
    • The Thanjavur paintings are intricately decorated with goldleaf and semi precious stones, most feature baby Krishna and other deities of the Hindu pantheon.
    • Interestingly, the forces of nature which destroy the muck, the wind and water, are the elements of feminine deities in the Yoruba pantheon of Orisha.
    • In this case, Ur-Nammu refers specifically to Nanna, the patron deity of Ur - as well as the other leading deities of the Sumerian pantheon.
    • We decided to celebrate the Sabbats by composing rituals to Goddesses of the Celtic pantheon.
    • The advent of Islam to South Arabia in the seventh century ousted local pantheons and monotheistic cults.
    • Bottero's concise explanation of henotheism clarifies how a pantheon, with its bewildering myriad of gods, becomes personalised through personal preference for a single deity.
    • The Tuath De Danaan in fact comprise most of the Celtic pantheon - Lugh, the Celtic version of Lucifer - is revered, and is also a bringer of light.