Translation of pants in Spanish:


pantalón, n.

Pronunciation /pæn(t)s/ /pan(t)s/

plural noun

  • 1US

    pantalón masculine
    pantalones masculine
    a pair of pants un par de pantalones
    • The women that Isis had a glimpse of wore either bell-bottomed trousers, denim pants, or blue jeans.
    • The shirts tucked into tight, ebony brown rawhide pants, trousers designed to keep the warmth in and the cold out.
    • Lord I am so grateful for drawstring pants and trousers with elastic.
    • He slipped into a pair of dark blue trousers, but the pants were new and the tail opening was tighter than he was comfortable with.
    • They wore trousers or pants as opposed to the knee-britches of their social superiors.
    • Rachel came to the door in a white tank top shirt and casual jean pants.
    • Many Nigerien men wear a flowing, sleeveless brocade gown over a matching shirt and drawstring pants.
    • He wore all black by way of a silken shirt, leather pants and combat boots.
    • He wore a skin tight black muscle shirt, thick black jean pants, and gauntlets with open fingers.
    • Wear a nice pair of classy pants, a matching shirt and elegant shoes, to be on the safe side.
    • First of all, suspenders should only be worn with dressy pants, not with jeans or khakis.
    • I cannot make him change this format, so I decided to buy him some new pants and shirts.
    • She is wearing flannel pajama pants and an old tank top.
    • Nearly every other day at school, I wore combat boots, cook pants, a white shirt, suspenders, and a bowler.
    • I changed out of my pajama pants and tank top, and into a pair of flared jeans and a blue halter-top, that matched my eyes.
    • The stranger was dressed in a dark fur cloak with dark gray pants and an ash vest with a white short sleeve shirt underneath.
    • He laughed and gestured to his white shirt, smart black pants, black tie and white cloth draped over his arm.
    • We were both wearing quite casual attire - black pants, white shirt, tailored black jackets.
    • He was a short-framed man, dressed in a dark-green vest and combat pants.
    • She's in a white undershirt and black jogging pants and flip-flops.
  • 2British

    • 2.1(men's)

      calzoncillos masculine
      calzones masculine Mexico
      interiores masculine Colombia, Venezuela
      • The chaps Tom and I have styled all bought pants or boxers and vests and have all reported back that they are soft, fit really well and that their women think they look much better.
      • Many stores now sell bikinis as separates, so you can buy the pants and bra in different sizes to ensure a perfect fit.
      • Department store Marks & Spencer is launching an underwear range for men featuring thongs and glittery pants.
      • She was dressed in green Marks and Spencer jeans, socks, white bra and black pants.
      • I was standing in my bra and pants (both white) and a pair of black ankle socks.
      • A 50 year old scientist burnt his private parts whilst using his laptop whilst wearing trousers and pants.
      • They have reliably informed us that Chris does NOT wear his pants outside his trousers.

    • 2.2(women's)

    • 2.3British slang (nonsense)

      tonterías feminine
      pendejadas feminine Latin America informal
      chorradas feminine Spain informal
      pavadas feminine River Plate informal
      leseras feminine Chile informal
      • It's not art - it's pants.
      • I thought I'd give it a go. Unfortunatly, I'd not looked at the opinions of others on Ciao..........boy, do I wish I had! It's pants. It really is a poor program.

    • 2.4British informal (rubbish)

      porquería feminine
      the film was pants la película fue una porquería