Translation of pantsuit in Spanish:


traje de chaqueta y pantalón, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpæntˌsut/ /ˈpantsuːt/


(pants suit)
  • 1

    traje de chaqueta y pantalón masculine
    traje pantalón masculine
    • A woman in her late 30's looking very chic in a pantsuit and every hair in place was standing nearby.
    • Spinning around, I saw an elderly woman in a lavender pantsuit sitting on a bench.
    • He went on to introduce stylish, tailored pantsuits in the 1970s, which remain a wardrobe staple of working women.
    • After getting her nails done she put on her black pants suit that always awarded her with attention, and just in case that didn't work, she wore her heels so you could hear when she was coming.
    • At his side is a middle aged blonde woman, a bit on the frumpy side, dressed in a tan pants suit that doesn't flatter her.