Translation of parasite in Spanish:


parásito, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpɛrəˌsaɪt/ /ˈparəsʌɪt/

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    Botany Zoology
    parásito masculine
    • These genes are essentially immune system genes and defend the host organism from parasites.
    • After all, more than half the species on Earth are parasites, and most organisms are host to a number of them.
    • Some water molds are parasites on other organisms; they may grow on the scales or eggs of fish, or on amphibians.
    • Other typically much larger organisms, including parasites such as lice, worms and scabies can also spread from person to person.
    • There are many species of parasites and disease organisms that infect dogs.
    • Host radiation allows a parasite to expand its ecological niche by adapting to one or more novel hosts.
    • Selection has been intense as the parasites are host specific and the drugs are very widely used.
    • The relationship between host and parasite is not a simple one, and just as the parasite affects the host, so the host affects the parasite.
    • Another hallmark of parasites is that hosts often evolve defenses against them.
    • Detrimental effects on hosts can occur at several stages of the parasite's life cycle.
    • If hosts and parasites are coevolving, this can drive the rapid divergence of amino acid sequences.
    • All parental hosts of heterospecific brood parasites must pay the cost of rearing non-kin.
    • The most sophisticated defense system used by hosts against parasites is the immune system.
    • Good places for reliable encounters are where small fish act as barbers to their hosts, cleaning away parasites from their skin.
    • Another constraint on ejection is the close resemblance of eggs of hosts and parasites.
    • An implicit requirement is that parasites and their hosts match up to some degree.
    • Only the latter could be accepted as evidence of coevolution between the parasite and a particular host.
    • By contrast, infection will tend to limit nitrate accumulation in the host roots as a result of nitrate transfer from host roots to the parasite.
    • We consider three rejection scenarios by a host of a nonevicting parasite.
    • Because host nestlings remain in the nest, the parasite must compete with host nestlings for food.
  • 2 derogatory

    parásito masculine
    • MPs, councillors and all their cronies are nothing more than scroungers, spongers, parasites.
    • They are literary parasites, the enemies of creativity and imagination.
    • They are all a pack of bludgers and parasites who pay no taxes but spend ours.
    • It was in essence a parasite leeching on to Western decadence and lack of will.
    • They were like parasites, leeching on to him, just wanting him to do this or that, or to torture him.
    • I've repented my sins to Sepp and he has led me away from the bloodsuckers and parasites that threatened to dissolve my soul.
    • All workers were oppressed, all middle class people parasites.
    • And that's what it will come to, for the council workers and other public sector parasites.
    • Every governmental attempt to ameliorate poverty seems to attract its own breed of parasite and leech.
    • In the unionists' imagination, the rich are social parasites living lives of leisure on inherited wealth.
    • These neocon pseudofascists are like a parasite using the host Republican party to attain their ends.