Translation of paratroops in Spanish:


paracaidistas, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpɛrəˌtrups/ /ˈparətruːps/

plural noun

  • 1

    (del ejército) paracaidistas masculine
    • They will begin with a parachute drop by modern-day paratroops and 10 veterans of the battle over Ginkel Heath, about eight miles from Arnhem, where the original drops were made.
    • Back on June 6, hours before the main D-Day assault force stormed the beaches, a misplaced parachute drop had deposited his paratroop regiment far from the 5,000-ship Allied armada poised off Normandy's beaches.
    • Bernadette was addressing the crowds in Derry on 31 January 1972 when the British army's paratroop regiment opened fire on protesters.
    • If Red Army paratroops were equipped with watches that could not withstand a two foot fall, no wonder they lost the Cold War!
    • It is advisable that the structure and organization of airborne assault units and subunits should be the same as that of a paratroop regiment and an airborne battalion but without parachute equipment.
    • A special emphasis is placed on raising and training mobile forces, comprising a part of land troops, including paratroops, as well as aviation and naval forces.
    • You could join the SAS or the paratroops regiment.
    • The Chief of Defence Staff, Admiral Michael Boyce, said further British forces, including paratroops, infantry and armoured units as well as RAF strike aircraft, could be deployed into the region at short notice.
    • His priceless information allowed UK paratroops - including SAS commandos - to storm the HQ and free the captives.
    • Anyone coming into the unit would have to be a double volunteer: first, for the unit itself; and second, for paratroop training.
    • It is a 4 engined tactical support aircraft capable of carrying up to 92 ground troops, 64 paratroops, 74 stretcher cases or a variety of vehicles and freight up to 20 tons in weight.
    • In the early hours German troops crossed the frontiers of Holland and Belgium in force, supported by paratroops, gliderborne troops and hordes of bombers and fighters.
    • To sustain the paratroops and other troops in the area would take a big airlift.
    • The naval infantrymen acquitted themselves honorably, time and again coming to the aid of motorized rifle, paratroops, and Interior Ministry units.
    • The delay and the extension of the takeoff rates of transport planes carrying paratroops and airborne force equipment disrupted the flight schedule and airdrop procedure.
    • Apart from these early offensive operations, Japanese paratroops were mostly used as raiding forces.
    • Studies of the use of airborne operations during WWII have established that the dropping of paratroops far from targets denies them the element of surprise which is present in dropping or landing them right on the target.
    • From the age of 10, he wanted to wear the red beret of the paratroops, the army's finest.
    • In-depth studies of combat employment of paratroops in WWII have found that one of the hardest problems in all airborne operations was all-round logistic support for the troops dropped by parachute and landed by glider.
    • The Australians set off to locate the pinned American paratroops but, due to the inability of the Americans to pinpoint their own location, artillery was unable to be used.