Translation of park in Spanish:


parque, n.

Pronunciation /pɑrk/ /pɑːk/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(in town)

      parque masculine
      • The most striking ones are connected with the illegal giveaway of some public parks and gardens, he said.
      • Work includes care of public parks, gardens, painting of signs, sowing of flowers, shrubs, care of the graveyards, repair of paths etc.
      • He would like to see more public parks and gardens where he could go to feed the ducks with his children; more facilities for younger people - and more child-friendly pubs.
      • The water department is trying to recycle these sources of waste water for further use, such as watering parks and public gardens or street-cleaning.
      • The Board of Supervisors will consider a proposal today to ban smoking in the city's public parks, squares, gardens and playing fields.
      • Flying kites has been forbidden in public parks and gardens throughout the city since the beginning of this month.
      • It was in the 18th century that rulers in Europe saw the deteriorating health situation of people and started to establish public parks for recreation.
      • To this end, vacant plots of land, broad boulevards, thoroughfares, public gardens, and parks are used.
      • Some years ago we saw these developers build a lot of flats right next to our public park, Canbury Park Gardens, down by the riverside.
      • Youth workers and community leaders want to build an ambitious recreation area in the park but the priority seems to be to give residents their say in the project.
      • Myrna and David visited a hillside azalea garden in a nearby park to walk the trails and get a feel for the different grades of slope.
      • This includes private gardens, parks, buildings, working quarries and arable land.
      • For many people, walking or sitting in public parks without fear at night is a treat.
      • As the sun is shining I will also take a walk around the town with its parks and gardens.
      • Our tour of the city began with a trip to the Menara Gardens, a public park containing a reservoir and a huge olive grove, popular with locals for weekend picnics.
      • Meanwhile, down on the beaches and in the parks and gardens of the nation, there seems a remarkable readiness to accept the dictates of the safe sun crusaders.
      • The mayor spray-painted the pansies planted in public parks so they'd match the visiting nations' flags.
      • With springtime dawning once again it's hard not to thinks of parks, gardens and being outdoors in nature.
      • Yesterday police spoke to residents who live near the park, searched gardens and sealed-off the park as they looked for clues.
      • In the afternoon, to distract myself I went for a walk round the park.

    • 1.2(in a private estate)

      jardines masculine

  • 2

    • 2.1US (stadium)

      estadio masculine
      • Not to mention he accomplished this playing his home games in Yankee Stadium, a difficult park for righthanded hitters.
      • The Southern League has favored pitching dramatically of late, though the Georgia outfielders will be playing in historically neutral parks.
      • The ball had plenty of depth to reach the park's famed left field fence.
      • This should not happen in a park where the right field wall is 307 feet down the line.
      • Spink never left his office in St. Louis, but if you read his ghostwritten column, you'd think he was visiting all the major league parks.
      • At most major league parks, there's enough padding out there so you don't have to worry about killing yourself.
      • That happened even though RFK Stadium was a big park, and the humid air in Washington didn't help the ball carry.
      • He has not been that productive at Dolphins Stadium, a park considered unfriendly to lefthanded power hitters.
      • The shape of the park challenged left and right fielders in playing caroms off the walls on long drives by opposing hitters.
      • When we first sat in the seats, I noted to my Dad just how similar the park was to Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City.
      • Thus far this season, the number of homers in RFK is 36 percent lower than in other major-league parks.
      • He's moving from a hitters park inhabited by a wretched Royals squad to a neutral park with a good defensive team and pitching coach Leo Mazzone.
      • Among those 163 players, Tony Womack is one of 94 who also hit a grand slam out of the park during their big league careers.
      • Right field at the park faces east, toward Baltimore's Inner Harbor.
      • In 1998, Gonzalez played in the old Detroit ballpark, a park where home runs were plentiful.
      • There's still a long way to go, it's my dream to see a skateboard park next to every basketball court.
      • It appears that in most big league parks, the inside vertical line (closest to home plate) of the batter's box is not outlined.
      • The old parks had short fences, so it was easy to hit home runs.
      • First, he was a child following his father around big league parks.
      • Bleachers surround the court, and the park is packed for every game.

    • 2.2British informal (soccer field)

      the park el campo de juego

  • 3

    parque masculine
    • Plans came and went that included high-rise apartments and an amusement theme park, however nothing materialised.
    • A series of pilots are set to begin at regional and national theme parks.
    • In the amusement parks on the outskirts of Chennai, huge crowds queue for a water ride.
    • While they were in Montreal, they visited this huge amusement park called La Ronde.
    • Incongruously, The Lost World is located in a bowling alley in a retail park on the outskirts of Croydon.
    • Since the beginning of 2001, 230 multinationals have piled into the city's industrial parks.
    • You'd think you were entering an industrial park when you visit New Brighton Park.
    • Officers spent the day visiting retail parks, shops and pubs as the high-profile initiative continued.
    • The council has just purchased an industrial land bank linked closely to the existing industrial park in the town.
    • Business leaders have welcomed plans to transform a patch of derelict land into an eco-friendly town centre business park.
    • We're here at the new aerotow flight park in western New York and the place is jumping.
    • A new paintball and BB park opened on the property last Sunday morning with hardcore players turning up to take part in the specials on offer.
    • It is thought to be one of the few municipal parks in the country dedicated to the employees of a single company, and it is the only known public park designed by architect Fred Rowntree.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (car) estacionar mainly Latin America
    (car) aparcar Spain
    (car) parquear Latin America
    I'm parked around the corner tengo el coche estacionado (or aparcado etc.) a la vuelta de la esquina
    • The car park of Morrisons often suffers from overflow car parking with shoppers having to park on side roads close to Morrisons which creates more congested local roads.
    • Does free parking mean one can park vehicles anywhere and on any road?
    • Police have been using the Polebarn Road offices to park vehicles since May.
    • Vehicles are also parked haphazardly outside of designated spaces in the car park.
    • He then turned into a street where cars were parked on both side of the road and could not get past.
    • It happened when a row broke out about cars being parked on either side of the road.
    • Motorists who park their vehicles at bus stops are making it impossible for disabled passengers to climb aboard, a disability organisation claimed today.
    • The car was driven to Bolton Abbey and was parked in the car park near Cavendish Pavilion.
    • I drove along the street I was on for a while and pulled off to the side and parked my car.
    • We had stopped a block behind the taxi and pulled over to park the car.
    • Where you park your vehicle overnight is also very important to the insurers.
    • I arrived there and parked my car along the side of the road in front of the building.
    • Cars were parked across the road, and traffic was already beginning to back up.
    • We rushed out to move our cars which were parked in the road in front of the house.
    • But we noticed long lines of cars either forced to park by the side of the road or diverted for security checks.
    • So, where possible, drivers should park their vans off the road, on a drive or preferably in a locked garage.
    • Shiny luxury cars were parked all along the sides of the streets, stretching six blocks down.
    • He led her to the very back of the backyard, where a car was parked on the other side of the fence.
    • Moves should be put into action to get a new car park and especially to accommodate workers who must park their vehicles on the west side of Teeling Street all day long.
    • They should park their vehicle by the side of the road and then attend to the call.
  • 2 informal

    (bags/books) dejar
    (bags/books) poner
    park yourself there next to granny ponte ahí al lado de la abuela
    • she was parked in front of the TV all afternoon se pasó toda la tarde apoltronada frente al televisor
    • Equally, if Stringer was lost for any period of time then you could park any notions of grandeur until he returned.
    • Which is sweet of them, except that these crèches are not to park your baby in - they're for men.
    • I need to do a nifty leftward swerve right where you've parked your eight year old child!
    • At the moment we have just parked the domain and will sort out hosting services later.
    • He wanted to park the euro, pretend it didn't exist as a troublesome issue, and try to win the Conservative top job without showing the card he knows could cost him not just a hand but the entire game.
    • The separatist Party in Quebec won a lot of seats not because people are voting vote separation but as a place to park their votes and not vote for the Liberals.
    • The aim is to allow customers to park money there, content they will receive a decent rate of interest, while they are making investment decisions as well as actively trading.
    • But there would have to be ‘safe harbour’ products where those who job hop continually could park their benefits.
    • Financial transactions and accounts are being tracked and scrutinised very closely, making it difficult to park funds abroad.
    • Its 10 cm of extra length allows for a roomier interior and it also provides somewhere to park the wet umbrella and a rear passenger footrest.
    • While my proboscis was never truly petite to begin with, neither did it require me to have a face the size of Montana on which to park it.
    • I suggest you park the money in an instant-access or short-notice bank or building society deposit account for the time being.
    • At the start of a routine home fixture he parks himself in a seat high in Ibrox's Main Stand.
    • I promptly told my mind to shut up and strolled across the floor to the bar, parking myself in a seat.
    • At the command every student in the room hurriedly parked themselves in their specific seats and waited for instructions from the teacher, Madame Besson.
    • Much to Alec Robertson's amusement, he parked himself on a back seat occupying himself munching a crumpet with his morning tea!
    • I had nine minutes to park myself on a seat in my homeroom class before I ran out of time, and it was still a good twelve minutes until I arrived at school.
    • My Dad drops me over to Ruth's and I park myself down in the comfy seat and wait for the gang to arrive. Katie, Ryan and their gorgeous daughter, Lydia, arrive first, and I enjoy having cuddles while Abbi and Ruth slave away in the kitchen.
    • After dinner Jesse and Danny parked themselves on the couch in the family living room.
    • So, I've started watching and sure enough, about that time every afternoon she parks herself in that harvest gold easy chair and stares fixedly at the intersection for an hour or so, then goes back in the house.
    • Pulling up a chair for me (white, naturally), she parks herself on the edge of a table and starts to fill me in on the inspiration behind her latest paintings.
    • The woman who had been standing directly in front of the empty seat for the last seven stops moves a metre further up the carriage and parks herself in another empty spot.
    • It was battlestations after that as we dashed back into town and tried to get a decent view of the Mardi Gras parade itself, parking ourselves south a bit from Taylor Square.
    • But I would feel like a hypocrite parking myself in the evangelical church over the road every Sunday just to get her into the school, when it isn't something that I believe in myself.
    • I was so bad about parking myself there all afternoon ingesting caffeine and ‘B’ movies that R. actually bribed my baristas with Krispy Kreme doughnuts to cut me off at two ‘real’ shots a day.
    • On Thursday, September 30, 2004, at 9 P.M. EST, millions of people stopped what they were doing and parked themselves in front of the television for the next 90 minutes.
    • Regardless of the hot afternoon sun, over 100 tree-lovers parked themselves on the remains of an axed tree, raising slogans against the felling order issued by the BMP of over 700 trees for the purpose of road widening.
    • Which I suppose is fine, except for the fact that they set their little picnic table up in the shade and did not move the entire time. They parked themselves behind this table, drank tea from a thermos and ate fruitcake.
    • Even after I got up, covered up the light, and eliminated the blinking, the boys parked themselves on guard duty at the foot of the bed and were still sitting there when I fell asleep.
    • Past the Roll of Honor and beyond the stand holding new copies of The Upper Room, our ministers always parked themselves at the front door.
    • Children parked themselves on their fathers' shoulders.
    • They just parked themselves on the edge of their box and played off scraps.

intransitive verb

Motor Vehicles
  • 1

    estacionar mainly Latin America
    aparcar Spain
    parquear Latin America
    estacionarse Chile, Mexico