Translation of parky in Spanish:


frío, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈpɑrki/ /ˈpɑːki/

adjective parkier, parkiest

  • 1

    it's a bit parky today hoy hace bastante frío / está bastante fresco
    • Never mind, a long-since abandoned unofficial page for the Magyar Borsodi League links straight to a Hungarian recipe for goose liver cooked in paprika - just the thing to keep your pecker up on a parky afternoon at Haladas Szombathely.
    • Given Antarctic wastes to cross at temperatures stooping to a parky minus 75 degrees celsius, the Japanese South Pole Observation Team wouldn't dream of packing their boots into the back of anything else.
    • If you think it's been a bit parky outside this week spare a thought for David Maxfield, for whom freezing point would be positively balmy.
    • Well it's a little parky in the kitchen today, so I decided to warm the oven up so I could put the rising dough in a bowl on top of the stove to give it the little kick it needed.
    • ‘Mornings can be a bit parky.’ was what the old guy said, and gestured him to go out first.