Translation of parliamentarian in Spanish:


parlamentario, n.

Pronunciation /ˌpɑrləmənˈtɛriən/ /ˌpɑːləm(ə)nˈtɛːrɪən/ /ˌpɑːləmɛnˈtɛːrɪən/

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  • 1

    (member of parliament)
    parlamentario masculine
    parlamentaria feminine
    • The President shall appoint a parliamentarian to provide parliamentary opinion during meetings of the Advisory Councils and the annual business meeting of the Association.
    • Neither the candidates nor the people seem to know what is expected of them as parliamentarians or as members of legislatures.
    • As a professed radical, he was to prove a singularly jaded observer of parliaments, parliamentary processes, and parliamentarians.
    • The ‘standing ovation’ he was given by parliamentarians and members of the government was a signal of German agreement.
    • The targets included state actors, parliamentarians and members of the executive and the broader Canadian public.
    • In public hearings, parliamentarians debated the issues, and not always along strict party lines.
    • So I urge parliamentarians, when they debate issues such as this, to consider the journey ahead.
    • The High Authority was further advised by a general assembly made up of parliamentarians from the member states.
    • An experienced parliamentarian, Khan has contributed immensely not only to the deliberations of various committees he had served but also to the proceedings of the House.
    • Attendees can make appointments with members of the Board of Directors, headquarters staff members, and the parliamentarian.
    • There would be an awful lot of litigation to decide what Parliament meant by allowing parliamentarians to say some sort of thing outside the House.
    • The trouble is that this Parliament has so many parliamentarians with a rather scurrilous record of consistency on these matters.
    • This Labour Party has no regard for history, and no regard for the rights of this Parliament or parliamentarians.
    • When I first came in to parliament, most parliamentarians were elderly men.
    • Local bills come before Parliament only if a parliamentarian is willing to sponsor them.
    • Overnight she told the nation that she will not allow it, because parliamentarians come to Parliament to make decisions.
    • The prime minister and other parliamentarians were brutalized and the capital was the scene of heavy rioting.
    • In December this year, the British Council will bring 200 parliamentarians and staff to the Chamber to debate governance in today's world.
    • As a parliamentarian, he used to interact with Members of Parliament from India, at the Inter-Parliamentary Union.
    • Mary's unprepared speech put even the most experienced parliamentarians to shame.
  • 2Parliamentarian

    (in UK history)
    (defensor del Parlamento durante el reinado de Carlos I en la guerra civil) parlamentario masculine
    (defensor del Parlamento durante el reinado de Carlos I en la guerra civil) parlamentaria feminine