Translation of parole in Spanish:


libertad condicional, n.

Pronunciation /pəˈroʊl/ /pəˈrəʊl/


  • 1

    libertad condicional feminine
    to be (out) on parole estar en libertad condicional
    • he was released on parole fue dejado en libertad condicional
    • to break one's parole quebrantar las condiciones que impone la libertad condicional
    • parole board comité de libertad condicional
  • 2

    (with masculine article in the singular) habla feminine

transitive verb

  • 1

    (prisoner) dejar en libertad condicional
    • In these anxious times, the market for personal-location trackers is looking up - but do we really want to burden our children with the technology that tags paroled prisoners?
    • It is a fundamental fault and flaw to have the people who turn the keys responsible for writing the report that recommends whether an inmate should be paroled or released.
    • The scheme will be mainly targeted at offenders who serve six months or less in jail, but will apply in theory to all prisoners who are paroled.
    • An old woman is paroled from prison because ‘the inmates amount rised’ and cleverly tricks some people drinking on an old pier to follow her back to her warehouse headquarters.
    • Originally sentenced to life in prison, he was paroled in 1975 after serving only three-and-a-half years under house arrest.
    • Sideshow Bob terrorizes Bart after he is paroled from prison.
    • After 6 years in prison, he was paroled but died of heart failure only 8 months later at age 58.
    • Each time he has been paroled from prison he has committed another sex crime, but authorities now consider him a ‘low to moderate’ risk.
    • His brother is recently paroled from prison after serving a term for murder.
    • Not long after David was paroled after going to prison for the first time, I had a dream.
    • He was sentenced to 10 years in prison, and was paroled in 2003.
    • But due to good behavior in prison, he is paroled after only five years.
    • He was never paroled, but was released instead on compassionate grounds.
    • He was then paroled - according to the transcript, he was given parole in respect of that late in 1996.
    • No decision has been made whether he will be paroled or not, is that correct?
    • Many voters were afraid and angry at stories of killers being paroled.
    • He was paroled last spring after serving four years of his 70-month prison term.
    • That's because he was paroled after serving only four years and four months of his eight-year term.
    • Some supporters of the death penalty argue that more innocents have been killed by released or paroled murderers than have been executed.
    • More than 200 inmates from prisons across the country will be paroled for anything from a few hours to a week.