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Pronunciación /pə(r)ˈtɪkjələr/ /pəˈtɪkjʊlə/

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    (specific, precise)
    this particular model is out of stock este modelo (en concreto) está agotado
    • in this particular instance en este caso concreto / particular
    • this particular specimen este ejemplar en concreto / en particular
    • is there any particular style you'd prefer? ¿tiene preferencia por algún estilo determinado / en particular?
    • it was her particular wish to be buried here fue su deseo expreso que la enterraran aquí
    • why did you do it? — no particular reason ¿por qué lo hiciste? — por nada en especial / en particular
    • Do individual members have particular styles of which they're in charge?
    • Why do individuals, societies and particular classes or ethnic groups eat specific foods?
    • One particular family member of mine has never been single, as long as I've been alive.
    • Most of the inmates of this particular prison are members or sympathisers of the local separatist movement in the province.
    • It is an ideal opportunity for the general public to pay tribute to the hard work of particular individuals in their area of expertise.
    • First, it's one thing to say individual people have particular traits that help us identify them.
    • Looking around, I noticed waves of smell emanating from a particular individual, who was also shopping.
    • Radicals believed there should only be three large wards to stop certain powerful individuals controlling particular areas.
    • Well, I'm not sure that this particular individual speaks for the entire military.
    • What is it that keeps us all so interested in these particular individuals?
    • For his part, the chef has to strive to make the customer understand the individuality of a particular preparation.
    • So they are really generational studies told through the lens of particular individuals.
    • The attacks were generally very personal and adopted a sneering tone towards particular individuals.
    • We took that name and ran it and it came back to this particular individual.
    • The president has agreed to an examination by the members of that particular commission.
    • The problem is not a problem of particular individuals, but a broader societal and structural problem.
    • Almost every family in this village has one or more of its members working in this particular business sector.
    • There are some, usually more sensitive individuals, who avoid particular passageways for this reason.
    • At each meeting a ‘wish list’ is compiled of particular issues that members wish to pursue.
    • Which brings us back to where we started: What qualifies you to be a practicing member of a particular religion?
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    (interest/liking/concern) especial
    I want you to take particular care with this quiero que pongas especial cuidado en esto
    • Take particular care when negotiating sharp bends, or features like railway bridges, which are more likely to be iced up
    • Organisations such as Samaritans have long sought to persuade the media that reporting suicide calls for particular care.
    • Tertiary students should pay particular care when drinking, says Bradbury.
    • So take particular care with personal hygiene in the mornings.
    • The Descent is extremely well made on a technical level, with particular care taken with the sound and the visual texture.
    • As the holding is in an urban environment, particular care is taken with effluent control.
    • He would have to have particular care and concern for his priests and for promoting vocations.
    • Statistics about violence in intimate relationships should be treated with particular care.
    • Driving along Thief Lane you need to take particular care, he warns, because of the primary school.
    • Residents have been warned to take particular care when they go away on their summer holidays.
    • It might be the opening of a door on your behalf or particular care with the wording of a letter.
    • Caffrey took particular exception to these remarks because he was in love with an American girl, called Jessica, at the time.
    • When you report on life and death issues, you owe it to your readers to take particular care in the editing process.
    • Scuba divers examining wrecks should take particular care.
    • The policy material also lays stress on the particular care with which applications for changes to residential use should be examined.
    • I have a strong suspicion that one has thrombosed, as there's a particular intensity to the pain which I remember from the old days.
    • This reinforces the view that it is incumbent upon those making these decisions to take particular care in both making and explaining them.
    • The Cognacais take particular care in reducing their brandies to the 40 per cent strength at which they are sold.
    • The patrol leader should take particular care to explain each decision he made and each order he gave.
    • Such is the beauty of those who surrender to the particular care and purpose for which God has shaped them.
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    to be particular (about sth)
    • I get teased by all my colleagues for being so particular about the cleanliness of the shop.
    • They are very particular about their records round here.
    • People are very particular about the interiors of their cars too.
    • Sorry to be so particular about describing the packaging.
    • Ever wondered why the cat is so particular about settling territorial disputes in the dead of night when everyone is asleep?
    • Keynes wasn't too particular about how governments should spend money in a depression.
    • Bama's father, who was in the Indian army, was very particular about the children's education.
    • You and your wife are particular about designing your onstage outfits.
    • I will say that my shirt came home in the same state it left, I was very particular about pumpkin hands touching it.
    • Anil is very particular about meeting business heads to have an overall view of the businesses and new projects.
    • For any serial, I am very particular about the script being narrated to me.
    • He was particular about what sort of food should be mentioned.
    • My friend's very particular about her pasta, and she swore that the noodles were perfectly cooked.
    • Time and again he was particular about enhancing self-confidence of students.
    • Kobren is so particular about his hair that he refused to let anyone cut it for 12 years.
    • I paint my nails, go to the mall, and am very particular about how I dress and wear my hair.
    • I just get very particular about having ample time to myself, to be not around people.
    • I am also very particular about following the laid-out processes for doing business.
    • A strict disciplinarian, he is particular about his health and is into yoga and meditation.
    • I am very particular about sound and I hate to play in auditoriums that don't have a good system.


  • 1formal

    detalle masculino
    please send me full particulars por favor envíeme información detallada
    • before I go into particulars antes de entrar en detalles / pormenores
    • they were identical in every particular or in all particulars eran idénticos en todo sentido
    • just fill in your particulars on this form rellene este formulario con sus datos
    • He said he must have his men smart in every particular.
    • It was Gyric; it was him in every particular; but it was as if Gyric were whole again.
    • That is not to say that users must agree with the editor in every particular.
    • Just how many of you appreciate just how tightly is another matter, but the details of this particular should leave no-one in any doubt at all.
    • If you remove the particular from these events and just think of them as Cool Stuff, then they're pleasingly regular and not rare at all.
    • It is necessary, as in the Hegelian method, to start from the abstract concept and go from there to the particular.
    • In serious argument you cannot generalise from the particular.
    • So when we talk about race, we're torn between stereotypes ruthlessly deployed and seeking out the particular.
    • They saw that his message was universal, and their minds were locked into the local and the particular.
    • Painting bush requires a careful balance between the general and the particular.
    • Let us separate the particular from the general and go back to my question.
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    • 2.1(specific points)

      from the general to the particular de lo general a lo particular