Translation of partner in Spanish:


pareja, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpɑrtnər/ /ˈpɑːtnə/

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  • 1

    (in dancing, tennis) pareja feminine
    (in an activity) compañero masculine
    (in an activity) compañera feminine
    the two countries are trading / trade partners los dos países mantienen relaciones comerciales
    • But he acknowledged that each partner shared in the profits of the whole firm.
    • I'm a junior partner at a law firm specializing in mergers and acquisitions.
    • One or more partners must assume business risks and purchase considerable insurance to protect the business.
    • Instead, the courts should be given the power to order the buy-out of a partner's share, as happens in company law.
    • It is important to note that most of this new flexibility relates almost exclusively to individuals who are self-employed, sole traders or partners / directors of firms.
    • Even though he's searching for partners to share the financial risk, it's uncertain whether he'll find takers.
    • Often they have a local partner and some profit sharing arrangement.
    • Those people already working as partners in Irish accounting firms confirm that if you have what it takes to make it to the top, you will reap the rewards.
    • We are all equal partners in the business but with no nominated managing director.
    • Thailand and Germany are also strategic trading partners.
    • Maybe I've found my partner in crime.
    • They had chosen their own lab partners, and they had picked each other.
    • I sat down at my lab counter where my chemistry lab partner was already sitting and guess who it was?
    • The limited partners are only liable to the extent of the assets they've contributed.
    • Like these shareholders, partners remain personally liable for any personally negligent acts.
    • The two are former Seahawks teammates and partners in a human resource company.
    • We acquired the rest or ran certain companies together with partners.
    • Each member state contributes money into the European research pot and it's then up to our researchers to bid for support (always with partners from other member states).
    • Or I could point out that I have had any number of law partners with whom I have violently disagreed about politics.
    • This should be included in a partnership agreement and thought should be given to whom your partners are.
    • The beauty of the four-player game becomes apparent when partners work together.
    • He is the perfect partner, a consummate dancer that complements, supports and enhances his dancing partner.
    • If you know any guys that want a ballroom dancing partner, tell me!
    • It also helps a lot that I've played with Kenny Jonsson; this is our third season together as defense partners.
    • He can play some defense, hit an occasional open jumper and provide Jordan a good partner for card games on team flights.
    • Giggs began the game as his notional partner and when Ferguson finally decided to switch him back to the wing, it was too late.
    • He gets the team's undivided attention, but, for instance, he doesn't have a teammate as a drafting partner.
    • I tried changing dancing partners but he kept coming back.
    • Going into the quarterfinals game against my partner, Paul Gauthier, was tough.
    • If you do not have the training partners or full-time coaching and the medical back-up you need, it is virtually impossible.
    • The rules of play and scoring are exactly as in the individual game, but partners combine their scores.
    • I got to dance with all three of my dancing partners.
    • She nodded, smiling as well as I led her to the dance floor while the other three obtained their own dancing partners.
    • John loved to play cards and enjoyed many a good game with his playing partners on a Sunday night.
    • She stressed that it was a game played with a partner, so communication skills and co-operation were vital.
    • People turned from their dancing partners and glared at me.
    • Gretchen swallowed her sigh of disappointment and looked at her dancing partner.
    • Her dance partner didn't seem to take it too seriously, and laughed.
    • Dance partners did not do this to one another.
    • It transpired that the two signatures on the card were those of his first-day playing partners, both of whom had signed it by mistake.
  • 2

    socio masculine
    socia feminine
    senior/junior partner socio principal/comanditario
    • partners in crime cómplices
  • 3

    (in personal relationship)
    pareja feminine
    compañero masculine
    compañera feminine
    marriage partner cónyuge formal esposo
    • Roughly one of four couples consists of unmarried partners.
    • It is pleasing that unmarried partners will now receive the same as married partners.
    • Each had been barred from living in married student housing with her respective partner because neither couple is married.
    • I do not appreciate members' partners or spouses being brought into this argument.
    • Egg donation is another method of infertility treatment, used when the female partner of a couple is unable to produce her own viable eggs.
    • Effective June 30, 2004, common-law spouses now have the same rights and obligations as married partners.
    • There will rarely be problems for a legal spouse in a new country - but unmarried partners may both have to apply.
    • It is also asking for pensions for part-time firefighters, who are currently excluded, and wants normal widows and widower benefits made available to unmarried partners.
    • A recurrent scenario is the long-term relationship of a late-twenties couple where the two partners have differing expectations.
    • All past members and their partners are invited to attend.
    • He said home-based machines were difficult to operate and patients had to rely heavily on partners or family members for help with dialysis.
    • All Salmon and Trout Club members and their partners are very welcome.
    • Only three of them appear in their own right, and a further 22 appear with their partners or members of their family.
    • Even though they eventually married different partners, they stayed in touch.
    • She agreed that the couple were equal partners and that she could take care of herself.
    • At first local children had been welcoming, but they had started taking advantage of West and his partner until the couple had discouraged any more visits.
    • One partner of a same-sex couple could well take this approach.
    • When you (or the surviving partner of a couple) die, the house is sold and the amount borrowed repaid.
    • Should you have a child if your partner isn't willing?
    • These ten have been chosen either for their ability to embarrass their partners while still together or for making life difficult after breaking up.
    • Maybe you're afraid you weren't a good parent, partner, or friend.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (act as partner to)
    he partnered Moira jugó (or bailó etc.) en pareja con Moira
    • we are being partnered by a French firm in this enterprise esta es una empresa conjunta con una compañía francesa
  • 2

    to partner sb with sb poner a algn con algn (como pareja)
    • Banks and government must effectively partner farmers' groups who perform.
    • John Galvin also starts for the first time this season and will partner John Quane in midfield in the absence of the suspended Jason Stokes.
    • The Australia-theme evening includes a dinner with a pair of Australian wines to partner each course, followed by an auction of promises.
    • I cannot imagine they will find many other mobile phone companies to partner them in the future.
    • The problem for Hughes is he has yet to find a suitable accomplice to partner the veteran goal-poacher up front.
    • We do make sure certain standards are lived up to by all the manufacturers of all the various different companies that are partnered with us.
    • Dan Gordon had a greater influence on game once he partnered Gregory McCartan in midfield.
    • With Chris Conway drafted to partner James Conway in a bid to break the Blues midfield stranglehold, they fired.
    • Alan Reilly played up front with young Gavin Phelan with David Breen returning to partner Willie Byrne at the back.
    • Here men dance with men, women partner women, and anyone can lead or follow.
    • This time she had the support of Majorie Elvidge at lead, as Mavis Puckering, who had partnered Wilson for the last two years, was unable to play.
    • The daughter of Blue Ocean was partnered by Michael Hussey and led with over a furlong to go to beat the newcomer, Fancy.
    • By that time he expects to be partnered by a major mining company to fund the expensive process of gold extraction.
    • Our decision, therefore, has been to partner the company.
    • He is also keen to develop gaming on board and says companies are queuing up to partner the airline on this initiative.
    • With that Jamie led her onto the floor, and proceeded to partner her for several dances.
    • Gavin Clinch will again partner Steve Blakeley at half back and the pack is also likely to be unchanged.
    • And even though they weren't partnered together, they were practically inseparable.
    • He partnered several ballerinas successfully, most of all Patricia McBride.
    • In other circumstances I would say he needed to be slightly taller to adequately partner this ballerina.