Translation of pastiche in Spanish:


imitación, n.

Pronunciation /pæˈstiʃ/ /pɑˈstiʃ/ /paˈstiːʃ/


  • 1

    imitación feminine
    pastiche masculine
    • Duchamp offers us a pastiche of Delvaux's style, his manière, which features in painting after painting groups of women in various stages of nudity parading through dreamlike landscapes.
    • The novel borrows one of James's favourite narrative methods without attempting anything like a pastiche of his style.
    • The piece was initially meant to be, among other things, a pastiche of Ray Bradbury's sci-fi entertainments.
    • And Chu-Chi Face, in which Nichola McAuliffe's sexy baroness runs rings around Brian Blessed's Vulgarian baron, is even more clearly than before a pastiche of Lehar operetta.
    • Actually, I was quite worried about doing a comic novel, because I'm a massive fan of PG Wodehouse and Evelyn Waugh, and I was terrified I was going to lapse into a pastiche of their style.
    • Tripmaster Monkey opens with a pastiche of Ulysses's third chapter, Stephen Dedalus's ten-page interior monologue.
    • Although there are occasional contemporary references most of the text reads like a pastiche of an Old Testament prophet and much of the language and imagery is Biblical.
    • Much of what he writes in the chapter is a pastiche of statements made in De l' Usage des passions.
    • His King Charles's Galliard also is a pastiche of older music; Cordell adapted it from his score to the film Cromwell.
    • With a pastiche of scores by Chopin, Schumann, Shostakovitch, and Rimsky-Korsakov, Nijinsky is a phantasmagoria.
    • Here, instead of a subtle critique of Bonifacio's shortcomings, Tintoretto opted for out-and-out parody in a cheeky pastiche of the late artist's approach.
    • Beaton posed the hollow-eyed Warhol between to pretty, bare-chested boys in a pastiche of a Renaissance painting.
    • In Sean, Landers sneaks into art history by camouflaging his name, writ very large, amid a pastiche of colorful forms from Woman with a Flower and other works.
    • So despite the fact that the commercial is quite clearly a pastiche of Bruce Lee movie scenes and video game cliches, it has been branded as insulting.
    • A piece on the May blackouts in Moscow is written as a pastiche of four short essays by Lu Xun.
    • Their bawdy exploits were commented on by Howerd during asides, complete with awful puns, in a pastiche of the traditional Greek chorus.
    • The preceding chapter, ‘A Paper out of the Spectator’, is universally acclaimed as one of the most brilliant tours de force in Thackeray's prose, containing as it does a brilliant pastiche of Addison.
    • Most prominent is Kevin, the sloe-eyed, dull-witted actor played by Dermot Mulroney almost as a pastiche of Keanu Reeves.
    • Tarantino may be doing a pastiche of Kubrick's The Killing and other gangster pictures, but he is also, perhaps unconsciously, revisiting Sartre's hell.
    • The disk jockey played a pastiche of speeches by the president - in the president's own voice - assembled to convey precisely the opposite of their original meaning.