Translation of patently in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈpæt(ə)n(t)li/ /ˈpeɪt(ə)n(t)li/ /ˈpeɪt(ə)ntli/


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    it's patently clear / obvious that … salta a la vista / está clarísimo que …
    • it's patently untrue es una mentira a todas luces
    • Which means the US Empire is already on the wane - bad news for George W. Bush, who patently enjoys being Emperor.
    • Victory over Celtic this afternoon would ease the strain he is patently under.
    • There are cases in the eastern States where plaintiffs have succeeded, notwithstanding the risks involved have been patently obvious.
    • In short, the Court should not permit a patently illegal sales process to go forward.
    • The mischievous nature of U. S. policy came out patently on the issue of Russian gas supplies to Ukraine.
    • He is patently too self-conscious, too overwhelmed by the self-evident foolishness of the whole business.
    • He patently ignored obvious contradictions in order to support the line of argument of Opel management.
    • That the Prime Minister can not be trusted with confidence is patently clear.
    • This annual death toll amounts to 10 million - a patently unsustainable figure.
    • All the same, this statement is patently untrue.
    • In some cases, commentators make assertions that are patently false.
    • However, performing in front of home crowds that last season averaged over the 2,000 mark patently makes the club a draw.
    • They claimed compensation for damages (no issue of criminal liability was raised; this was patently a case of civil litigation).
    • This statement is for reasons already given patently true.
    • The Divisional Court compared housing co-operatives to other democratic bodies where a court will interfere only where a decision is patently unreasonable.
    • In the case of most rock bands, of course, this is patently rubbish - they want to sell records.
    • A pharmacist who failed to seek confirmation of a patently erroneous prescription was for that reason negligent.
    • The university has falsely combined these patently contradictory goals, making opaque the real differences between them.
    • They later claimed that their patently false confessions had been extracted by torture.