Translation of patriarchy in Spanish:


patriarcado, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpeɪtriˌɑrki/ /ˈpeɪtrɪɑːki/

Definition of patriarcado in Spanish

nounplural patriarchies

  • 1

    patriarcado masculine
    • Overall male gain depends on the constant renewal of structures of male solidarity and patriarchy over-riding immediate economic or class interests.
    • Feminists now challenge patriarchy by tracing their descent through the female rather than the male line.
    • The movie now takes on a starkly different aesthetic as it turns its focus to blood feuds, family honour, and tyrannical patriarchy.
    • What is being asked for is a fundamental transformation of social systems entrenched deep within the system of patriarchy.
    • The expression of patriarchy through male-surname dominance has robbed millions of women of their name identity.