Translation of paycheck in Spanish:


cheque del sueldo, n.


(British pay cheque)
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    cheque del sueldo masculine
    cheque de la paga masculine
    (salary) sueldo masculine
    • Then, earlier this month, employee paychecks were delayed after a financial rejiggering and a wave of staff layoffs.
    • The Metal Workers Union that represents the workers said that employees had not received paychecks since November.
    • Some believe he gave Central Office employees advances on their paychecks.
    • The following helpful guide has been prepared to help our employees better understand their paychecks.
    • The day before, he told employees to cash their paychecks rather than deposit them.
    • In some cases, when the paychecks arrived, the employees received a portion of the money in return for falsifying the time sheets.
    • The firm has even patented a machine to profit from cashing paychecks for employees.
    • I feel it is robbing them of a pay cheque and robbing their families of a pay cheque.
    • Some $250 million went out through paychecks to more than 8,000 local employees.
    • Without a budget, city employees would likely not receive a paycheck in July.
    • He could even modify the employee's direct deposit bank account, and divert a paycheck to his own account, if he wanted to.
    • That's over half a month's salary extra in my January pay cheque.
    • Big fat CEO paychecks not only hurt an employee's bottom line but a company's bottom line too, according to a report.
    • The only difficulty has been convincing employees to abandon their old-fashioned paychecks.
    • A former employer that had taken to issuing promises instead of paychecks, seems to have saved money by an even more devious method.
    • You will not save much working in an economy where missing two paychecks can lead to homelessness.
    • A good trick is to put at least 10% of your salary into a pension as soon as you get your pay cheque.
    • While many turn their paychecks over to their husbands, others rebel, demanding the family's few spare cents go to pencils for the kids rather than cigarettes.
    • Shortly before noon, the foreman came around with paychecks.
    • Make no mistake about it, this is a man who knows who signs his paychecks.