Translation of payment in Spanish:


pago, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpeɪmənt/ /ˈpeɪm(ə)nt/

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    (of debt, money, wage)
    pago masculine
    payment for sth
    • Now imagine what kind of job you need to make that sort of monthly payment.
    • It addresses the growing consumer desire to use electronic payment in place of cash.
    • The first was a bill and the second was a demand for immediate payment in cash.
    • Additionally, you will miss out on early payment discounts, which lots of companies now offer.
    • The Ministry of Economy has appointed lawyers, who will settle payment of the fines.
    • Each jurisdiction has its various clearing and settlement systems for payment.
    • Otherwise, you will make offers of payment you simply will not be able to afford or honour.
    • It is therefore important to review interest payments carefully before payment is made.
    • Before a driver is dispatched to assist a client, payment should be made first by credit card or cash.
    • Cash in hand is the best method of payment available, which means that it produces the best reductions.
    • The payment of interest on credit balances was its key differentiator in the SME market.
    • Your bank will honour the cheque when the holder presents it for payment.
    • Despite reminders for payment in writing and by telephone you have failed to discharge this debt.
    • The company is also completing a new site, which will enable online reservation and payment.
    • Many stores will accept payment by cheque or postal order.
    • The workers were demanding the payment of wage arrears and improved working conditions.
    • They demanded the immediate payment of wage arrears outstanding for nearly a year.
    • The strikers are demanding the payment of salary arrears, which have been building up for some time.
    • The underlying problem is one about payment of fees, is it not?
    • Some also involve the payment of fees which can vary considerably depending on the scheme.
  • 2

    plazo masculine
    cuota feminine Latin America
    the first payment is due on Monday el primer plazo vence el lunes
    • they only accept cash payments solo aceptan pagos en efectivo
    • I've made the first payment on the house he pagado el primer plazo de la casa
    • she made several payments into her account hizo varios depósitos en su cuenta
    • If you are over 64, the total amount of the payment you receive will be reduced on a sliding scale.
    • In addition to this, you can often reduce the tax payable by making a payment towards the cost of your car yourself.
    • This is so, however large or small may be the amount of the payment.
    • Surely there is a case for a reduced payment for those who receive an inferior service.
    • By receiving these in shares rather than cash, they will be able to avoid paying tax on the bonus payments.
    • Are you still having problems claiming the new tax credits, or have you now received your payments?
    • Of course, it's the insurance companies that have to pay out the compensation payments.
    • Those who wanted to be paid each month would receive their payments at the beginning of May as planned.
    • Unfortunately we have not received any of the payments that are due to us at this moment in time.
    • The more he answered the more questions he got and the more credit payments he received.
    • Although I'm delighted to be receiving the payment, in many ways it all seems to have happened very quickly.
    • Every time the pictures are published, the charity will receive a payment.
    • In addition this group will no longer have to pay tax on dividend payments.
    • Shareholders will most likely receive the payment for their shares in early December.
    • However, daily interest would have continued to be added to it until your payment was received.
    • However, he also wanted to use those savings to reduce his monthly mortgage interest payments.
    • Almost 950,000 people received a weekly social welfare payment.
    • In addition, she is requesting a lump sum payment in lieu of spousal support.
    • But do so before the payment is due to maintain the most leverage.
    • Typically debt management companies will take your entire first monthly payment to them as an initial fee.
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    (reward, thanks)
    pago masculine
    recompensa feminine
    as / in payment for my years of devoted service como / en pago / como / en recompensa por mis años de abnegado servicio