Translation of PDF in Spanish:


PDF, n.


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    PDF masculine
    • The most interesting is on the state of the aviation industry, running to 52 pages in a pdf.
    • A designer couldn't just email a pdf to the client in what seems like an easy, two-second process.
    • The link should download a pdf of the press release announcing the new logo.
    • However, it was used improperly in the pdf.
    • Having said that, a pdf would appear to be the easiest option.
    • Our website also carries at least three complete articles per back number in pdf format.
    • Each time a new issue is posted on our Web site, an e-mail will go out with a link to a PDF file.
    • Back issues are posted in both PDF and HTML versions.
    • Registered students have access to the PDF files via the University's distance learning Web site.
    • Many students will print these notes from either word processor or pdf files.
    • All current issues of their mags are free to download in pdf.