Translation of peace in Spanish:


paz, n.

Pronunciation /pis/ /piːs/

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    • 1.1

      paz feminine
      (before noun) para la paz
      (proposal/initiative) de paz
      (march/campaign) por la paz
      they live in / at peace with their neighbors viven en paz con sus vecinos
      • the two nations have been at peace for years hace años que las dos naciones viven en paz
      • to be at peace with oneself estar en paz consigo mismo
      • to be at peace with the world estar satisfecho de la vida
      • to make peace with sb hacer las paces con algn
      • peace conference conferencia de paz
      • peace envoy enviado de paz
      • the peace movement el movimiento pacifista
      • he brought her flowers as a peace offering le trajo flores en señal de reconciliación
      • peace settlement acuerdo de paz
      • peace studies estudios de / para la paz
      • It had gained respect and authority by ushering in a period of peace and stability in the city.
      • That's what I think Americans can do with this providential period of prosperity and peace.
      • The resulting peace agreement included a six-year interim period before a vote on independence.
      • Great prosperity at home and peace abroad enshrine the current period as a golden age in the nation's history.
      • For China, reform and development require a long period of peace.
      • The prolonged period of peace in Europe has created a dangerous temptation to neglect our defences, both physical and psychological.
      • It also tells us that there was a long period of peace as the men were not needed to fight in any wars.
      • The island, as a whole, is enjoying a sustained period of peace as we face the new century for the first time in decades.
      • Private property and relative freedom to trade gave humanity the longest period of peace in history.
      • Both kenjutsu and jujutsu aimed at being self defence martial arts during the period of peace.
      • Yes, there were aberrations like the American Civil War and the Franco-Prussian War, but mostly it was a period of peace.
      • War had resumed on the continent in 1805, though the period of peace with Britain had ended even before the Empire was proclaimed.
      • It was also realized in both kingdoms that for changes to be implemented, there needed to be a period of peace.
      • As a consequence Egypt enjoyed long periods of peace when society advanced rapidly.
      • We were told that the end of the Cold War would bring a new period of peace and reduced military spending.
      • Other countries, including members of the European Union, may also be welcomed to play a role in monitoring any peace agreement.
      • The simple thirst for revenge on the part of a few could be enough to derail any peace agreements that might come about in the future.
      • With the comprehensive peace agreement, the suffering of our people will come to an end.
      • Neither party will trust the other to implement any peace agreement on its own.
      • It reopens the prospect of a period when resistance to imperialism is not about peace processes, but about struggle.

    • 1.2(treaty)

      paz feminine
      the Peace of Ryswick la Paz de Ryswick
      • Finally, in 1842, the Chinese were forced to agree to an ignomious peace under the Treaty of Nanking.
      • We must conduct our affairs in such a way that it becomes in the Communists' interest to agree on a genuine peace.
      • Now they have to prove that they have not only the will but the authority to end the violence and negotiate a compromise peace.
      • The selection committee nudges warring parties towards a peace that is achievable, but not quite achieved.
      • They negotiate a peace with the French, who agree in the hope of gaining future advantage.
      • Hungary, a German satellite in the war, tried, covertly, to negotiate a separate peace.
      • It also recommends concrete steps that need to be taken as part of the process of negotiating a lasting peace.
      • An uneasy peace was negotiated during the dying embers of Bonetti's reign.
      • The peace effectively reinstated the Treaty of Madrid but on more favourable terms for the French.

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    to disturb the peace alterar el orden público
    • to breach the peace alterar el orden público
    • We know this fight is the way to defend the values that are at the basis of civil life and peace.
    • Contention leads to war, and war is the antithesis of civil peace.
    • To recognize the right to free association might have meant to deprive hundreds of millions of the right of civil peace.
    • Let us confirm our commitment to all civil rights and let us declare peace a civil right in a democracy, a human right in this world.
    • Meanwhile another, more ominous phantom revolution was threatening civil peace in Germany.
    • For civil peace - if not justice - to come about, the crimes and violence of the past have to be confronted.
    • It is the foundation of our priceless civil peace, which is the envy and wonder of the world.
    • He divided the prize money evenly among five organizations devoted to civil rights and peace.
    • Good relations with Elizabeth were vital to maintaining the civil peace in France.
    • The state relied on the clan for the maintenance of a minimum of civil peace, in exchange leaving it a free hand as far as internal politics were concerned.
    • It acknowledges the de facto separation of peoples in order to try to achieve civil peace.
    • A Council source revealed the investigation into the assault could take weeks to complete but moves have already been made to restore peace.
    • If he can do this, peace will be automatically restored!
    • This was 7.30 on a Saturday morning and we fought for an hour and a half, with the alarm sounding continually, to restore peace to the neighborhood.
    • Police officers who restored peace to the riot-torn streets of Bradford last year were also due to be honoured for their bravery last night.
    • The meeting was held to chalk out measures for restoring peace on the campus.
    • There are signs that peace has been restored and businesses are showing profits once again.
    • He said he hoped his visit would be a focal point for discussion of what the community could do to restore peace.
    • There were rumblings and grumblings at special meetings called by the church council in a vain bid to restore peace.
    • The king insists that he took direct control over the country's affairs to restore peace at a time when violence literally engulfed the kingdom.
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    (quiet, tranquillity)
    paz feminine
    the peace and quiet of the countryside la paz y tranquilidad del campo
    • I went to the library for some peace and quiet me fui a la biblioteca para poder estar tranquilo
    • the peace of mind that comes with old age la serenidad que da la edad
    • I turned off the gas for my own peace of mind apagué el gas para quedarme tranquilo
    • to be at peace descansar en paz
    • rest in peace que en paz descanse
    • let me finish this in peace déjame acabar esto en paz
    • let me have a bit of peace déjame tranquilo / en paz un momento
    • he won't give you any peace until he's got what he wants no te va a dejar tranquila / en paz hasta que no se salga con la suya
    • Now my Sundays are for worship, family, friends, reading, rest, and relaxation-such freedom and peace.
    • He said the number of visitors also had a social impact, both on other visitors who went in search of peace and tranquillity, and on the local population.
    • There was just something about her that radiated peace, tranquility, and that made her very popular.
    • Even so I seemed at every point of contact to be surrounded by abrasive people intent on disturbing my peace, my comfort, and my equable nature.
    • All we can give them is honor for their sacrifice, and freedom and peace for their families.
    • It was as if it had suddenly tasted peace and freedom after the tumult and congestion of Italy.
    • Right now, it's telling me that I've enjoyed dropping out of the rat race over the festive period, savouring peace, relaxation and sleep.
    • But that period of peace from the media will now come to an abrupt end.
    • This would be followed by a short period of peace with respite from the pressure inside his head.
    • For three noisy, polluted decades they have campaigned for the bypass which would restore their village's peace and safety.
    • But you need only step a few streets away from the beach for the cacophony to subside and for peace to be restored.
    • The right to enter a church, to worship, say a prayer, soak up the atmosphere and to find a few moments' peace should be free to all.
    • The centre offers a place of peace and hope for those who are on the road to recovery.
    • A way of life beckons that promises peace in a beautiful place, where the weather is kind, wine plentiful, and food exquisite.
    • We offer peace and quiet, no resident children, structured control and security.