Translation of peacetime in Spanish:


época de paz, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpisˌtaɪm/ /ˈpiːstʌɪm/


  • 1

    época de paz feminine
    tiempos de paz masculine
    • Costs involved in each option will be assessed for both peacetime and wartime.
    • We should have the skills to create such systems and control them in peacetime and wartime.
    • It should be organized and carried out continuously both in peacetime and wartime.
    • This may accomplish a more effective support to a fleet both in peacetime and in wartime.
    • Most people know this to be so during wartime, but the same is true during peacetime.
    • The request for such a large number of troops is unprecedented in peacetime.
    • The ability of military courts to prosecute civilians ended during peacetime.
    • In peacetime, we err on the side of caution, since nothing we do in training is worth the life of one of our soldiers.
    • The president realised that their economy was great for making tanks and guns and planes, but what do you do in peacetime?
    • People were calling for the same sorts of controls that were in place in the war to continue in peacetime.
    • Moving hundreds of convoys into one of the poorest countries in the world within weeks would probably be impossible in peacetime.
    • Both schemes were considered inappropriate in peacetime post-war Britain.
    • It is not necessary today to stress upon the importance of iron and iron industry in both war as well as peacetime.
    • The only thought that comes to mind is that this marks the end of peacetime.
    • Does war reporting justify a different set of ethics than those applied in peacetime?
    • It will heavily emphasize a nation at war, but festivities will rival those held during peacetime.
    • Seldom in peacetime has a British government sanctioned such a rate of expenditure increase.
    • Those who commit crimes during a political conflict rarely pose a threat to society in peacetime.
    • He often proved more expert than the experts, both in peacetime economics and in wartime strategy.
    • Yet, there was no telling how the wartime alliance and its successes would play in peacetime.