Translation of pedagogy in Spanish:


pedagogía, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpɛdəˌɡɑdʒi/ /ˈpɛdəɡɒdʒi/ /ˈpɛdəɡɒɡi/

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    pedagogía feminine
    • Nowhere in his transformative pedagogy is academic language proficiency challenged.
    • Critical reflection is the type of processing that is crucial to the concept of culturally relevant pedagogy.
    • The evening classes he is taking at a nearby college cover pedagogy and other subjects he needs to be a qualified teacher.
    • The very nature of teaching is built on revisiting curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment.
    • For the last ten years, she has been researching the history of piano methods and pedagogy in the United States.
    • Norton encourages teachers to conduct such work though the use of diaries and critical pedagogy.
    • There is a great value in this variation in how each of us approaches our subject matter and our pedagogy.
    • The first is an essential part of pedagogy for the twenty-first century.
    • The students asked us to explain how the principle worked, which as an exercise in traditional pedagogy we did.
    • This point of view implies the need for changes in translation pedagogy.
    • Matters of theory and pedagogy are often made salient when set in the context of a novel that speaks to the students.
    • In fact, pedagogy itself was not addressed at all in the new California standards.
    • Nevertheless, these schools modelled their curriculum and pedagogy on the private secondary schools.
    • We also looked at the development of ideas of feminist pedagogy at the university level.
    • The first section of this book brings history to bear on today's ideas of pedagogy.
    • Universities must also be willing to examine their philosophy, pedagogies, and practices.
    • In order to approach questions of pedagogy and curriculum it is necessary to consider the space of writing.
    • She is professor and director of piano pedagogy at the University of Oklahoma.
    • If we approach with that kind of pedagogy, we'll reduce academic dishonesty.
    • That fourth category is pedagogy, and more specifically, composition pedagogy.