Translation of peddle in Spanish:


vender, v.

Pronunciation /ˈpɛdl/ /ˈpɛd(ə)l/

Definition of vender in Spanish

transitive verb

  • 1

    (en las calles o de puerta en puerta) vender
    to peddle an ideology hacer proselitismo
    • to peddle drugs traficar con drogas
    • A teenage drug dealer who peddled heroin and crack cocaine on the streets of Swindon is facing a lengthy jail term.
    • A suspect in a major investigation into a drugs gang that had a nationwide network peddling heroin is believed to be back in Britain.
    • A former town centre security guard who rented a car for drug dealers to use to peddle heroin across Swindon has been jailed for a year.
    • A gang of evil drug dealers have been put behind bars for a total of nearly 20 years for peddling cocaine, Ecstasy and amphetamines.
    • There are only about a thousand real addicts in Britain, and nobody is going to make a fortune peddling heroin because the addicts can get it on prescription.
    • The drug dealer, identified simply as XXXX, is ready to retire with the fortune he made peddling cocaine.
    • The court heard she continued to peddle heroin after her arrest, and was on a conditional discharge and probation for two separate offences of shoplifting during the drug crimes.
    • Trafficking is linked to international crime syndicates that peddle drugs, guns and false documents as well as people.
    • But when low grades kept him from attending college, he hit the streets, peddling crack cocaine.
    • The whole thing reinforced my opposition to drugs and those who peddle them.
    • Illegal drugs are also peddled inside the compound; this has been the cause of much of the fighting.
    • He spent his early 20s peddling dope and stolen cars, and making bogus stock trades.
    • Pushers peddle drugs hidden inside cigarette boxes spread out on the sidewalk.
    • They were charged with such heavy-duty crimes as petty theft, peddling phony drivers licenses, and making unlicensed money transfers.
    • Instead of peddling drugs and booze, they now peddled women.
    • I could be running out of the hospital now to peddle pharmacy-fresh methadone to junkies on the street.
    • Teenagers are being recruited by hardcore London-based criminal gangs to peddle drugs on the streets of Swindon.
    • It may not have been through free will, but a substantial amount of the drug was peddled in this area causing grief, misery and upset.
    • But it is the overall image of drugs being peddled openly and used by, in some instances children as young as 12, that is causing growing concern.
    • Hard drugs are peddled to misguided youth and more than a few backdoor ‘massage parlours’ are in operation.