Translation of peek in Spanish:


Pronunciation /pik/ /piːk/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to peek (at sth/sb) mirar (algo/a algn)
    informal vichar (algo/a algn)
    • Judy bit her lip, opened the door to the operating room just a crack, and quickly peeked inside.
    • I wait for Diania to wake and dress, then I slip out of the storage facility and, still twitching, peek out into the room.
    • She peeks under the wrapping quickly then sets it back.
    • He quickly peeked around the corner of the kitchen to check that he hadn't been heard.
    • Griffin quickly peeked into the tent and saw the armoury, he was smiling from ear to ear.
    • She quickly peeked into the pot and gave a disappointed sigh before rushing to open the door.
    • She just wanted to peek inside quickly to see who it was, then she would gladly leave with Josh.
    • I stayed behind after classes were over for the day and peeked into the detention room.
    • All we need is to be allowed to peek behind the curtain.
    • I'm glad our wedding photographer didn't make us peek out coyly from behind a tree or some such nonsense.
    • He peeks inside a room and then enters, turning on the lights.
    • He peeks behind the curtains, an amateurish move on his part, but nothing too bad.
    • Ms. Robbs cracked the door of her son's room, peeking in at his sleeping face.
    • Leanne called softly, walking throughout the house, peeking into all the rooms.
    • She crouched behind a tent, peeking out to see if there was any way through.
    • Lynn walked right on by, peeking into Jessie's room to make sure she was alone.
    • On my way back, I paused by the open door of the spare room, peeking into it with interest.
    • From there she peeked into the family room, where the prince was sleeping soundly.
    • Then a little blond head peeked out from behind the door and wobbled toward me.
    • She peeked at me from behind her fingers and laughed miserably.


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    peek (at sth/sb)
    • Every now and then he heard a mumble or something else that caused him to sneak a quick peek at her.
    • He dared to sneak a quick peek at the judge and saw that there were tears in her eyes.
    • It started to rain inside the classroom although (after a quick peek at the window) it was sunny outside.
    • Smiling, she got out of bed, taking a quick peek out the window; it was still dark.
    • ‘But I was dying to find our more, so seeing the lid was missing I thought I'd risk a quick peek,’ he said.
    • It's worth staying there to experience the sheer extravagance at first hand, or you could, of course, just ask the friendly reception staff for a quick peek.
    • What I'm trying to say here is, you might want to take a quick peek at his column if you haven't already.
    • Even with a quick peek into a guest bathroom, he'll pause for a second to straighten the bottles of liquid hand soap.
    • As I walk in I notice that the previous name has not been removed so I take a quick peek.
    • I rarely got stuck, but when I did, a quick peek in the answer book enabled me to work backwards.
    • After a quick peek toward the supervisor, I looked at the aircraft and instantly was sickened.
    • There are two trailers on the website that provide a quick peek at the movie.
    • He took a quick peek at his friend, that love sick look splattered oh so plainly across his face.
    • He glanced at his wife - a quick, despondent peek - and then looked at me pitifully.
    • She took a quick peek on the other side of the street.
    • I took this chance to take a quick peek at her name tag.
    • He planned to take a quick peek and size up the situation.
    • I take a quick peek at the card to my left and read the name.
    • One art lesson Darren had a quick peek at what she was doing.
    • A quick peek at his watch showed the hour steadily approaching two.