Translation of peevish in Spanish:


desagradable, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈpivɪʃ/ /ˈpiːvɪʃ/

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    (remark/refusal) desagradable
    (remark/refusal) malhumorado
    the children were tired and peevish los niños estaban cansados y fastidiosos
    • It featured a peevish hipster, complaining about how his grasp of cool was slipping.
    • Boswell, peevish after spending a night in a haybarn, complained of the lack of marble monuments.
    • His posture was impatient, peevish and annoyed that he had to answer to anyone.
    • We are more used to his peevish criticism of Tory successes.
    • Harder to stomach is the peevish, chip-on-your-shoulder feminism that pervades so much of the book.
    • Seeing him whiny and peevish in the first debate was a huge anti-climax.
    • A spotty youth with greasy black hair, he was sitting at the table with a peevish expression on his weaselly face.
    • As for his peevish, snide remarks about the press, he may think them, but he really has to keep them to himself.
    • The boys tended to make the men peevish and sarcastic, the girls made Emma brittle and shrewish.
    • Spring comes soon, and the eldest son suddenly turns moody and peevish, unwilling to eat or go to school.
    • I was kind of feeling peevish, and I wasn't too happy about that feeling.
    • He grinned at her, sharing their triumph, though he knew that in a few days she would become peevish and seek another argument.
    • He has been severely criticized as peevish, neurotic, rising only to mediocrity, but it was not an easy war to win.
    • As the authors have produced such a splendid book it seems peevish to point out deficiencies.
    • At least I broke nothing and burned no one, although I did make mild-mannered old Jason downright peevish from all the messy sink water I splashed onto him.
    • But the board added a peevish note to the effect that it was a shame the law allowed no prohibition of what it called ‘hate speech’.
    • He resists with buffoonery on the set, peevish demands for attention, and displays of contempt for her direction.
    • Students are showing no sign of being as bitchy and peevish as I was yet.
    • The stress of her endless demands on Sidney Herbert accompanied by peevish outbursts, surely contributed to his own death at the early age of 51 in 1861.
    • There he catered to couples, snazzy middle-aged divorced female cliques and peevish teenagers.