Translation of peg in Spanish:


estaca, n.

Pronunciation /pɛɡ/

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    • 1.1

      pieza o ficha que encaja en un tablero
      (in ground) estaca feminine
      (in furniture, barrel) estaquilla feminine
      (in mountaineering) clavija feminine
      (on violin, guitar) clavija feminine
      (for tent) estaquilla feminine
      • The action is not unlike pushing a tent peg into the ground.
      • The up-and-down swinging arms are on a plane to drive a tent peg into the ground.
      • Darryl hummed inscrutably and looked back down at the tent peg he was trying to hammer into the ground.
      • Claire sat in her traditional spot behind the tent peg.
      • She put her hand to the tent peg and her right hand to the workmen's mallet.
      • Her opponent slipped on a patch of ice, and fell, cracking his head on a tent peg.
      • Judges are looking for taught guy ropes and all tent pegs where they should be, otherwise time penalties are imposed.
      • Taylor's Soy Works Corporation is also considering prototypes for future beanware: biodegradable camping equipment, such as cups, tent pegs, and ground sheets.
      • We covered up the skidoos with their nylon covers and secured them by anchoring them with tent pegs and guy ropes.
      • He carefully spread out a ground-sheet and began hammering pegs into the ground.
      • There was a barely noticeable thump, and then a scratchy sort of noise as a peg landed on the ground.
      • A brolly is owned by most anglers but not as many take guide ropes and tent pegs.
      • Close kin, brothers, and fathers position their tents so that the tent pegs overlap and the guide ropes of the tents cross one another.
      • The structure holding the chamber top is fixed to the ground in four locations with 30 cm steel tent pegs (not shown).
      • Three hours later, we discovered that we were six pegs and two rods short of a tent.
      • Period pieces show a fire polished finish on the peg of the stopper.

    • 1.2clothes pegBritish

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    (hook, hanger)
    colgador masculine
    perchero masculine
    gancho masculine
    • We rode to the lake where I saw 3 more horses tied to a peg stuck in the ground.
    • There he stops, sticking a peg into the ground, and tells his companions to start digging at that spot.
    • Part of the installation process was to pound some pegs into the ground to secure the swing set.
    • Instead it's all held together with dowels and pegs.
    • Use pegs or hooks to store towels as well as coats.
    • He proceeded to rush up and down the line of pegs, throwing the members' hats on to the floor.
    • A few extra pegs for the changing room are undoubtedly already on order.
    • It was a pretty rough climb, I didn't get even half way down when I decided I needed to come back with ropes, pegs and a harness.
    • They also had to place pegs in the ground with the letters ‘C’ and ‘F’ painted on them to mark the survey.
    • While his partner had been busy with that job, Haig had driven pegs into the ground, marked out a grid and plotted the positions of the signals from his metal detector.
    • It's helpful to stand back from the ball and survey the terrain before you put your peg in the ground.
    • The surveyors hammered a peg into the ground which was removed by campaigners prompting Mr Bradbury to claim that his party was being obstructed in its legal work.
    • Non-ferrous jointing methods include simple timber pegs and cord or rope bindings.
    • In addition to cutting beams to length, it's often necessary to drill holes for bolts, pegs and other fasteners, as well as for wiring and plumbing.
    • These openings in the rock were an ideal place to hammer in ‘pitons,’ spikes or pegs used for safety and sometimes support.
    • Hand-carved wooden pegs - never nails, screws, or anything else metal - are driven in with stone hammers.
    • Wooden pegs and hand-made nails held everything together.
    • Overlap the edges by a few inches and anchor the fabric to the ground with wire or plastic pegs made for the job.
    • On each end of the board, tack a peg with one end pointed.
    • After looking around the ground floor they removed the coat from a peg in the main corridor and walked out of the club through the front.

transitive verb pegging, pegged, pegged

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    (attach, secure)
    (con estaquillas etc) asegurar
    to peg the clothes (out) tender la ropa
    • the company is pegging its hopes on the new model la empresa ha cifrado sus esperanzas en el nuevo modelo
    • Propagate strawberry plants once the crop is finished by pegging down a couple of runners from your best plants.
    • The lines on the docks were basic things: narrow gauge steel tracks pegged directly to the ties.
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    Economics Finance
    • 2.1(fix, limit)

      (price/salary) congelar
      • A student loan starts accruing interest from the moment it is borrowed, but the interest rate is pegged to the retail price index.
      • In response for their support, rates were pegged at their present level for three years in return for keeping its peak-time audience at last year's level.
      • The only saving grace for the moment is that mortgage rates are pegged at reasonable levels, thanks to the EU Bank.
      • Prices of 110 items, all wages and salaries, and transport rates were pegged at the 15 December 1942 level.
      • The publishing industry defends its pricing policies, saying that foreign sales would be impossible if book prices were not pegged to local market conditions.
      • Officially, the unemployment rate is pegged at 16 percent, but many observers say it is closer to 30 or 35 percent.
      • If your rate was pegged at 6%, for example, it cannot go higher than that, but it can go lower if rates slide.
      • On an average, the annual growth rate is pegged at 8 per cent but this is not guaranteed.
      • The rate is pegged at 0.99% above base rates for the life of the loan and redemption penalties apply for three years.
      • A second rate, recently 2.88%, is pegged to the inflation rate.
      • If this happens, the impact of the price cut will be immediately wiped out, because Australian petrol prices are pegged to world oil prices, measured in US dollars.
      • But the most significant gap is with China, whose currency is pegged at a rate of about 8.3 yuan to the dollar.
      • For decades, the yuan has been pegged at a low rate to the US dollar.
      • Its design capacity was pegged at 25 million to 30 million passengers annually.
      • Its price, currently $20, is pegged to the market price of black truffles.
      • The exact wage varies, but is usually pegged at the amount needed to keep a working family off welfare and other government subsidies.
      • Tracker mortgages go up automatically because they are pegged to base rate.
      • The exchange rate was greatly appreciated when it was pegged to the dollar in 1991.
      • Wage levels were pegged but prices were rising.
      • Charges would only rise to £2 an hour if the council tax rise was pegged to five per cent.

    • 2.2(link)

      to peg sth to sth vincular algo a algo

      • the peso is pegged to the dollar

  • 3US

    she hates to be pegged as a feminist no soporta que la etiqueten de / la encasillen como feminista
    • their music is difficult to peg su música es difícil de catalogar