Translation of penumbra in Spanish:


penumbra, n.

Pronunciation /pəˈnəmbrə/ /pɪˈnʌmbrə/

Definition of penumbra in Spanish

nounplural penumbras, plural penumbrae

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    penumbra feminine
    • In other cases the Moon does not pass through the umbra at all, just going through the penumbra (a region of partial shadow).
    • And we would do well to remember that the penumbra is the lighter, outer region of the shadow, the halo, indeed, of the shadow.
    • The Moon begins to enter the Earth's outer shadow, or penumbra, at 9: 06 P.M.
    • Long, thin filaments radiate from the umbra into a brighter surrounding region called the penumbra.
    • Our planet's shadow has two parts, a dark inner core called the umbra and a pale outer fringe called the penumbra.
    • Shadows and penumbras were instantaneously formed from the myriad of trees and hills that he surveyed through the window, and just as quickly vanished.
    • He brings a sharp eye to the bedside of a poet friend and to urban decay, ‘the dust of voices, / the smoky penumbra around streetlights.’
    • He is pacing up and down the library in the gloom, ‘the penumbra of the library’, as he put it, and he thinks of a tiger in the jungle, and this is ‘The Other Tiger’.
    • A penumbra of fiery purple encircles this near-seamless construction of photographs, objects and painted images on wood.
    • The penumbra of his face, and the emanations of light leaking from behind his ears, and his hair, was blinding.
    • He stands within the penumbra of the falls, near the top of Irish Mountain.
    • Neon glow qualifies the relation of work to wall; each piece generates its own set of shadow and penumbra.
    • The black penumbra which appears when you first look to its edges soon becomes brown.