Translation of perceive in Spanish:


percibir, v.

Pronunciation /pərˈsiv/ /pəˈsiːv/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    (object/sound) percibir
    so I perceive ya veo
    • It would annoy me if that was what people perceived me to be here for.
    • To come out to boos is one of the most strident messages you can receive about the way you are perceived as a person.
    • However, for us our own branding has been an issue as people perceive us as a data company, so we have to work hard to get out the message about our voice and converged abilities.
    • I believe that the name given to you by your parents can have a great bearing on your life, an influence on the person you become and the way in which people perceive you.
    • I still find myself wondering how people perceive me as I move through this world.
    • And besides, Smith says she's stopped worrying about how people perceive her.
    • People perceive me as a different character to what I actually am.
    • I think people would perceive him a little differently from how they did in the '70s.
    • In 2002, pop music is widely perceived to be manufactured, bland and glossy.
    • No wonder: the genuinely erotic is often perceived as a threat by the status quo, even in France.
    • People often perceive that these illnesses only happen to older people, however this clearly isn't the case.
    • He said people often perceived vehicles to be going faster than they really were.
    • Also, the survival of this fortified native centre implies they were not perceived as a threat to Rome.
    • Students generally perceive accounting as boring and dull.
    • Additionally, the respondents perceived lack of personal resources and lack of interest among perioperative nurses to be possible barriers.
    • Some asthmatic patients perceive the severity of their disease rather poorly.
    • Nevertheless, some school clubs still perceived a need for the condition.
    • The atmosphere of that period had been perceived at the time as posing a threat to their existence.
    • The silence could have been perceived in two different ways, I think.
    • For whatever reason, they seem to have a chip on their shoulders about how they are perceived by outsiders.
    • Her ability to understand, to perceive the nature of the truth was what was being tested.
    • People admire that quiet charm, perceiving great depth and understanding behind that gentle manner.
    • A person who is conscious selectively perceives sensations, attending to some while filtering out others.
    • Congress was a long way from conceiving itself to have this power or perceiving a need to exercise it.
    • Spatial intelligence, the power to perceive form and give visual shape to ideas, is equally important.
    • The intuition perceives patterns and rhythms.
    • You could say that we perceive the world with the eye of the intellect, or the eye of the emotive self, but that's not the eye that perceives divine reality.
    • We actually learn to perceive sounds and words from the continuous stream of speech.
    • For some, this discovery led them to perceive a lack in Australian society of shared moral values and of encouragement to live well.
    • Judging and perceiving characteristics may be the hardest to understand.
    • Patients initially perceive a benefit while being treated, but this benefit disappears by one year.
    • Smokers clearly perceive benefits from smoking, otherwise they would not pay to do it.
    • Consequently, people within the same community may not perceive risk in the same way as their neighbours.
    • The respondents perceived few barriers in relation to themselves.
    • Although instructors are trained, variation in assessments between groups are still perceived by students.
    • There is evidence to suggest that students do perceive benefit from ethics courses.
    • The patient perceives a distorted reality but is usually unaware that he is ill.
    • Furthermore, faculty also perceived a lack of access to equipment and facilities.
    • I find it funny how people always forget to put into perspective what was perceived at the time.
    • I was perceiving in terms of the topography and the topographical maps I had seen.
  • 2

    percatarse de
    darse cuenta de
  • 3

    he is perceived as a latter-day Robin Hood se lo ve / se lo considera como un Robin Hood moderno
    • that is the perceived image of the organization esa es la imagen que se tiene de la organización