Translation of percent in Spanish:


porcentaje, n.

Pronunciation /pərˈsɛnt/ /pə ˈsɛnt/

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(per cent)
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    porcentaje masculine
    what percent of those questioned disagreed? ¿qué porcentaje de los encuestados no estuvo de acuerdo?
    • a half percent or a half of one percent un cero coma cinco por ciento
    • a five percent discount un descuento del cinco por ciento
    • They speak of the reciprocal of the payback period as a percent per year rate of return.
    • The second compatibility problem is a slow boot issue and we believe it is a small percent of users that have experienced this.
    • Some of the leases are based on a dollar amount per square foot and some on percent of income.


(per cent)
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    por ciento
    profits are up twenty percent los beneficios han aumentado (en) un veinte por ciento
    • I'm (a) hundred percent certain estoy cien por cien(to) seguro
    • I don't feel a hundred percent no estoy lo que se dice bien del todo
    • If we are one hundred percent convinced of our case then a little dishonesty to iron out the odd inconsistency hardly seems wrong.
    • There are few if any behavioral characteristics in humans that are one hundred percent genetic.
    • However, my experience of camp food is one hundred percent favourable.
    • Children whose diets were supplemented with milk rather than meat saw a 40 percent greater increase.
    • The union has cut its wage demand by more than half, seeking a 2.5 percent yearly increase.
    • What is felt towards you is ten percent genuine disagreement and ninety per cent envy.
    • The Government is saying that the best it can ever expect is 3.9 percent economic growth.
    • You can't win in this world unless you are 100 percent flexible, and none of us are that.
    • It has opened the door for 74 percent foreign direct investment in the telecom sector.
    • Too often we find ourselves judging people when we are far from 100 percent a saint.
    • They say they are being paid nine percent less than their public hospital counterparts.
    • To put that in perspective, the district is twenty percent larger than the State of Massachusetts.
    • I thought about it for a few days and you know what, I think it's 100 percent the right thing to do.
    • We lived in an area that was 99 percent Jewish, with immigrants from Russia and Poland.
    • When the needle was rotated back and forth, the pullout force was 53 percent greater.
    • To get the cash we have to carry and sort a daily load which is 50 percent greater than before.
    • If anyone out there can explain to me how hair can be sixty percent shinier, please let me know.
    • We know this virus is 100 percent preventable, so why is the number of new cases on the rise?
    • In less than two years water bills in England had rocketed to 70 percent higher than anywhere else.
    • The cost of meat in the stores is at least 2 percent higher than it was last year.