Translation of perceptible in Spanish:


perceptible, adj.

Pronunciation /pərˈsɛptəb(ə)l/ /pəˈsɛptɪb(ə)l/

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    (difference/effect) perceptible
    (difference/effect) apreciable
    (sound) perceptible
    (sound) audible
    • By observances I mean the tiny perceptible changes in the season, the shadows and mist, the leaves and air.
    • The piece slows symphonic time so that movement is barely perceptible.
    • These efforts have brought about a perceptible change in the quality of these libraries.
    • So the year has marched on into October and in Scotland at least the change in the calendar has coincided with a perceptible change in the season.
    • There is a perceptible change in the attitude and outlook of the workers.
    • What's worse, they make it to the other side with no perceptible change of pace.
    • This time is the time elapsed before any perceptible change in tension can be measured after peptide exposure.
    • There is a perceptible change in the party's outlook which will soon percolate down to the basic worker.
    • Takeoff was smooth and utterly quiet, with only a barely perceptible sensation of movement.
    • In the recent past, one has noticed a perceptible shift in the way dance productions have been presented.
    • I can't make sense out of debate for the sake of debate when more tangible and perceptible issues of our own lives are left unspoken of.
    • I observe a barely perceptible deepening of wisdom in the eyes, but I'm not sure that much of this isn't what I want to read into the image.
    • Big movements designed to intensify economic integration have brought no perceptible economic benefit.
    • This one has a shifty quality: a slight dulling of the focus; a barely perceptible tightening of the lips.
    • I noticed only the faintest of sound from the rears and did not detect any perceptible subwoofer support.
    • Barely perceptible to the casual observer, the creases in his eyes had fallen just a little more than before.
    • Figures are scattered in the frame, thrown there by the light that renders those spaces visible, perceptible.
    • It would be like counting up the least visible bits of a perceptible object.
    • Counterpoint is likely to be most immediately perceptible when the distinct voices use the same material in close proximity.
    • The sense of ownership and belonging was not significant, but it was perceptible.