Translation of perfidy in Spanish:


perfidia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpərfədi/ /ˈpəːfɪdi/

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nounplural perfidies

  • 1

    perfidia feminine literary
    • I have been accused of perfidy, malingering, duplicity, charlatanism and forty other words that I don't know the meaning of.
    • Think of the valiant whistleblower inside a corporation or an agency who puts himself at risk to uncover criminal perfidy.
    • With possible political perfidy such a hot topic at Westminster, it is with perfect timing that the Lyceum and Citizens' theatres bring two of England's great plays of history and politics to the stage.
    • They brook no compromise and instead repay those who would reach out to them with furious perfidy unless they show absolute fealty to every facet of the program.
    • His book is a tale of cowardice, perfidy, hubris, idiocy and occasional heroism - told with considerable panache.