Traducción de permanently en Español:


permanentemente, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈpərmənəntli/ /ˈpəːm(ə)nəntli/


  • 1

    (work/settle) permanentemente
    (work/settle) de forma permanente
    (damaged) irreparablemente
    (stained/marked/disfigured) para siempre
    it was permanently etched on her memory lo tenía grabado para siempre en la memoria
    • they decided to split up permanently decidieron separarse definitivamente / para siempre
    • she looks permanently tired siempre tiene cara de cansada
    • The populace lives in fear of the lights going out permanently.
    • A botched attempt can leave a person seriously damaged, even permanently disabled.
    • He claims to have a document from a court allowing him to work in the United States permanently.
    • Furthermore, a retaliatory fishery runs the risk of permanently decimating already-fragile salmon runs.
    • At the Battle of Gettysburg he was severely wounded, permanently crippling his left arm.
    • With Republicans back in control of the U.S. Senate, the push is already on to permanently repeal the federal estate tax.
    • Thousands of tons of rocky debris were dumped into valleys, permanently burying more than 700 miles of mountain streams.
    • For $5,000, a Texan even agreed to have an advertisement permanently tattooed on the back of his head.
    • The plan would lead to a permanently larger role for government.
    • Applying the precautionary principle to a change amounts to permanently prohibiting it.
    • Once a ligament is overstretched, it remains overstretched permanently.
    • An even more dramatic display of wealth would be to remove the silver from circulation permanently, by burying it.
    • Those who survive their first year risk being permanently impaired by chronic malnutrition.
    • These devices could be permanently Installed on ships or remotely operated from the shore, Holden explained.
    • The mausoleum has since been restored, and the remains of Dr. Minahan are permanently sealed in the vault.
    • The abolition of overtime rights was restored and the television ownership cap was permanently raised to 39 percent.
    • There this messenger molecule would activate appropriate genes needed to synthesize proteins that would permanently strengthen the synaptic connection.
    • In the end, the assassinated and the assassin are joined together permanently in an unmitigated human tragedy.
    • But once the nerves are permanently damaged by loud sounds, you cannot regenerate them.
    • We will not ease our pressure on the school or its supporters until it is finally and permanently shut down.