Translation of permit in Spanish:


permitir, v.

Pronunciation /pərˈmɪt/ /pəˈmɪt/

Definition of permitir in Spanish

transitive verb permitting, permitted, permitted

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    to permit sb to + inf
    photography is not permitted no se permite tomar fotografías
    • House owners have permitted development rights which allow certain changes without planning permission.
    • Maintain multilevel security databases that safeguard sources and permit authorized access to unprocessed data.
    • In this case, the publisher may or may not grant a licence back to the author permitting some uses of the paper.
    • The Government has blamed local authority planners for permitting development on high-risk flood plains and riverbank sites.
    • If your state permits access to these databases, make plans to develop and implement a fingerprint checking program if you haven't already done so.
    • The Indian captain once again said the authorities should permit squads of more than 14 players in a one-day tournament of this nature.
    • The authorities concerned should not permit allotment of sites in a layout till the government's specifications are met.
    • The answer is take the request for deviating from ‘the policy’ to someone who has the authority to permit the deviation.
    • Either it was too physically demanding and dangerous or the authorities would not permit it.
    • Why should it not be inferred from such facts that the authorities permitted such use of the site?
    • When the sell-out was made on April 4, there was no written contract or authority to permit it.
    • I'd permit the licensed sale of virtually all class A, B and C substances.
    • The crucial point is that states must not permit export or import of waste if they believe that it will not be handled in an environmentally sound manner.
    • A bit of the pain already has been felt due to relaxed import rules which permit a flood of cheap Asian products.
    • What it does not do is rectify the injustice of permitting a conviction based on evidence the defendant is not allowed to see personally.
    • All European royal houses allow for female succession, a few permitting succession by the first-born regardless of sex.
    • Only city staff and city council seemed to be off-side, which is why the current plan and the agreement authorized by the city would not permit them.
    • The reader has to allow for the age of the book and to permit it to be a pleasurable read.
    • The parent is not permitted to give blanket consent, but must accompany the child to the game room.
    • No hospital or clinic, of course, would admit that it was permitting these procedures, but the point would have been made.

intransitive verb permitting, permitted, permitted

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    weather permitting si hace buen tiempo
    • if time permits si hay tiempo
    • Improved security of the facility containing the matrix is provided by a feature permitting remote control over the facility door lock.
    • This evaluation permits the identification of possible common patterns underlying the crop production forecast errors.
    • Studies of men carrying out such duties should therefore provide information which would permit quantification of effects and lead to selection and training methods.
    • Although labour has been plentiful and cheap, vineyards are designed wherever possible to permit the passage of tractors for cultivation and treatment purposes.
    • The warning is justified since the information provided is insufficient to permit meaningful conclusions.
    • The School will be open from 4pm on the day and if weather permits a special Mass will be celebrated outside at 6pm.
    • Aging blood vessels provide the environment that permits vascular disease to flourish.
    • Weather permitting all Masses will take place in the Cemetery.
    • Regardless of that, it was enormous fun and I hope to be out and about doing it again, weather permitting this weekend.
    • Weather permitting a trip will also take place around the Botanic Gardens.
    • In addition, schedules rarely permit small police units to use the facilities of the bigger departments.
    • Weather permitting, it shouldn't be long before Nicky finds the right race.
    • Weather permitting, take a nice walk and just enjoy your surroundings.
    • Weather permitting, there will be a barbecue, bouncy castle and dance troupe.
    • As much as circumstances permit I intend to be fairly self-indulgent and lazy today.
    • Be assured that our aim is to restore a better balance when circumstances permit.
    • Extensive information is available, which permits comparison of client groups with well-established norms.
    • Such quantitative measurements permit inferences about the topology and internal organization of this organelle.
    • This permits high precision and allows the use of very small samples, like seeds.
    • This type of soil will permit good drainage while allowing sufficient water retention.


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    (por escrito) permiso masculine
    work/residence permit permiso de trabajo/de residencia
    • gun permit licencia de armas
    • permit holders only estacionamiento reservado
    • In the meantime only Customs and Excise permit holders are being permitted to use the first three floors.
    • She said the scheme was intended to reduce demand for parking and therefore help permit holders to park.
    • Most foreigners who have received new Bulgarian identification documents hold permanent residence permits.
    • The summits have pushed for the development of biometric identifiers in visas, residence permits and passports.
    • My gripe comes from the increase in visitor permit fees.
    • The most important document was the green passport-type residence permit.
    • A special residence permit is issued at the justice minister's discretion.
    • Every construction activity in the city should obtain a building construction permit released by the agency.
    • The building permit was issued the next day.
    • The man, who lives in Tokyo, was granted a special residence permit in March this year.
    • City departments review that set in advance of issuing building permits.
    • The process of obtaining a motorcycle learner's permit barely required any studying at all.
    • But what about your civilian customer with a concealed carry permit?
    • In most cases the fishing is free, all you need is a fishing permit.
    • Bobby's 16, though, and he's got his driver's permit.
    • Apparently I have been driving without a valid permit for about 4 months.
    • Eleven shops were closed as the owners were found to be without the necessary permits.
    • Is he using proprietary logos without permission, and operating without the necessary business permits?
    • When the village's permits expired in January, even fewer farmers were given new ones.